PS Plus June 2016 To Include NBA 2K16 And Gone Home For PS4?

PS Plus June 2016 might have been accidentally leaked through the Weekly PlayStation Newsletter.

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JohnathanACE2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Great, a sports game I don't care about and a social justice walking simulator that takes 10 minutes to beat. If true its a weak month. Maybe NBA 2K16 will be fun with friends.

christocolus2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I don't know much about gone home but NBA 2K16 is actually pretty good and I'd love to try it out.

gangsta_red2558d ago

NBA 2k16 is excellent and I just bought the game too. And I heard nothing but good things about about Gone Home.

Seems like a good month to me.

johndoe112112558d ago


You've heard nothing but good things about gone home???? Either all the people you know are sjw's or your friends have really terrible tastes in games.

Eonjay2558d ago


Personal attack not withstanding, the 'anti-SJW' crowd is more toxic than anything right now. It is just a game, normal people don't play games with the single objective of affirming a personal belief system. You guys and the SJW crowd truly deserve each other.

Great month by the way.

Ashlen2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )



bleedsoe9mm2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

probably allot of subs are due to be renewed in june , oh well for whatever reason its a good month for +

jb2272558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )


"It is just a game, normal people don't play games with the single objective of affirming a personal belief system. You guys and the SJW crowd truly deserve each other. "

Finally someone who gets it! I mean can these people not see they are fundamentally the exact same person that just happened to subscribe to different philosophies? They are essentially two sides of the same dickish coin. Just like the extreme SJWs don't want you to enjoy anything that doesn't fit their agenda, the anti-SJWs don't want you to enjoy anything that doesn't fit theirs. Majority of the time, neither crowd actually took the time to play the games they are raking over the coals, much less attempt to understand them in any sane & rational way.

Just play the games. Christ....we are talking about video games here, they are meant to be played, not stacked high enough to create your own personal soapbox to brow beat the masses from.

Kingthrash3602558d ago

This^^^^ guy gets it.
100% agree

Kingthrash3602558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Am I confused or was gone home free already?
Edit : no I'm thinking don't starve....I gotta look up gone home
Edit 2: ok I remember's not everyones cup of tea but got great ratings....I've never played it but will check it out now that it >>>might<<< be free

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sonarus2558d ago

nba2k16 would be great. Sure basketball season is almost over but i think this would be the first $60 dollar title to come out on PS plus for PS4. For PS3 we got at least one of those a month and i have been generally disappointed with the PS4 offerings but this is a good sign they might turn the corner

mkis0072558d ago


Thank you! the back and forth between these 2 groups is excruciatingly painful to look at.

Ashlen2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

This is actually almost certainly fake. This is the same site and author that leaked the fake games for gold list.

Clearly there is zero quality control.

bradleejones2558d ago

My Son likes Gone Home. I doubt it is free on PS plus, though. It was offered on there not too long back

Orionsangel2558d ago

Gone Home is a wander around game. You wander around looking for clues to figure out a mystery. There's not much else to say about it.

johndoe112112558d ago

"Personal attack not withstanding, the 'anti-SJW' crowd is more toxic than anything right now."

So as far as you're concerned the people who are fighting for freedom of artistic expression, freedom to design and play any game that you desire, the freedom to buy and sell games anywhere that they are in demand, the freedom to express yourself verbally on the internet as long as it does not lead to actual physical threats or danger and who believe that we should all be equal are worst than the people fighting to ban video games they don't like, telling devs what they can and can't develop, fighting to get the internet censored and who believe that some people should have more rights than others? And all because we decide to call BS on a game that can be finished in 47 seconds and was falsely advertised as a mystery thriller but turned out to be a teen romantic walking simulator? Yeah.....that makes sense. I hope you don't say a word when the next GTA game comes out and they try to get it banned, or any game for that matter.

"Just like the extreme SJWs don't want you to enjoy anything that doesn't fit their agenda, the anti-SJWs don't want you to enjoy anything that doesn't fit theirs"
BS. Where have you ever seen anti sjw's try to get games banned form being made or removed from store shelves? Telling someone that a game is crap is completely different than telling someone that they should not have the right to play a game. In what lifetime does that make any sense whatsoever?

nX2558d ago

Gone Home is not for everyone, it's a good experience but not much of a game. Still NBA2k16 would be amazing enough to forget about Gone Home, even if you don't like sports games you should try this one out.

XanderZane2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

NBA 2K16 is good, but I still like NBA 2K15 better. I actually don't have Gone Home, but I heard you can easily beat it in about 10 mins. You don't even have to search the whole house for clues to finish it. I keep getting Gone Home confused with Grow Home. I thought Grow Home was going to be free. In any case, I'll wait and see what's coming for PS3. I already own NBA 2K16 for my XB1.

yeahokwhatever2557d ago

Grow Home was free. I have it and its dumb.

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MagicBeanz2558d ago

"a sports game I don't care about", how dare they release a free game without taking your personal wants a needs into account.

Psytrix2558d ago

Technically the game is not free. Stop paying for plus and see if you can still access it.

TFJWM2558d ago

@Psytrix Technically it is free if you are paying to play online...

wellard2558d ago

How dare you ridicule his opinion? Just because he doesn't like sports games doesn't mean you can berate him. Child, you need yo speak to your parents about some upbringing.

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MagicBeanz2558d ago

@ wellard

STFU and go crawl back in you hole kid.

MagicBeanz2558d ago

@ Psytrix

You're paying for Plus to play online, that doesn't make the game any less free.

Jyndal2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

@MagicBeanz, the game isn't free. If you cancel your PS+ subscription, you won't be able to play the game even in single player mode. You're basically renting it.

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TwoForce2558d ago

@jp227 i have to agree with you. I'm have enough with all this nonsense. Anti SJW or SJW, i'm just don't like it really. That's just make my head hurt so badly.

vanethe2558d ago

same I hope this is not true :(

JohnathanACE2558d ago

Wow, 40 dislikes? All I said was I didn't care about it since I'm not a sports person. I stand on what I say about Gone Home. And to people saying "don't complain about a free game" I pay for PS plus and this is part of the sevice. Not hating on the game I just don't care for it.

scark922558d ago

In your defense, It took me 3 hours to beat Gone Home, it is a short game.

Cartman551252557d ago

Gone Home had beautiful graphics and an engaging story. It doesn't shove tolerance down your throat at all. Don't be ignorant.

GameBoyColor2557d ago

yo, i don't watch basketball much, but I love the games. One of the best things coming from 2k.

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magiciandude2558d ago

This is a good month for PSN+. I bought a copy of 2K on Black Friday for 20, traded it in at GameStop for more, then I'm getting it back, for free. That alone makes this month great for me. Gone Home is another game I want to play.

Igihara2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

The PS3 version of 2k :)

DualWielding2558d ago

sounds too good for it to be truth

Eidolon2558d ago

Because it's an AAA or you really want NBA 2k16?

DualWielding2558d ago

Because it'll be two games in the same month both of which actually look like they were made for the PS4... when PS+ since the release of the PS4 have been mainly about games that look like they were made for the NES

Eidolon2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Tropico 5 and Tabletop Racing made for PS4 and not PS3, and they look good.

nowitzki20042558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Resogun looked like it belonged on NES? You might need some glasses.

Chumdiddy2558d ago

Yeah, it'd be another very good month for PS+ just when I was sure I'd not renew in August.

I've had it since day 1 and it's just been terrible so far on PS4. Yet, Tropico, Gone Home and 2K16 are the kind of titles we got on PS3 the first few years. I played the shit out of 2K14 when that was a PS3 PS+ title a fee years ago. I hope this is true!

I'm playing the shit out of Tropico, too. Debated buying it a few times so I hope the PS4 catalog has finally reached the size to start giving out games of this caliber. PS+ on PS3 was insane for the value it gave you! I get lowering it a bit now but they were giving out straight indipixel trash for these last two years on PS4.

SuperbVillain2558d ago

damn, 2k16? not bad at all. cant complain about that

nowitzki20042558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I hope its true. I already own it but a lot of my friends dont and it will make it even more fun. Besides that its already a great fun game that people should try out.

If its true have fun, you wont be disappointed.

Sunny_D2557d ago

Me either, I will definitely be downloading this game.

Kingdomcome2472557d ago

How much newer of a game do you want? Were you expecting DOOM and Overwatch this month on PS+? My word...