PlayStation 3 -- a Bust or a Boon for Sony?

From ABC NEWS : "Though images of electronics stores adorned with snaking lines of pimply faced teenagers, desperate parents and eager technophiles searching for an elusive Sony PlayStation 3 blanketed the Internet before the holidays, the high-tech, high-priced video game console may no longer be so hard to find.
I certainly haven't been to every store in the country, but anecdotally it's an issue," said Brian Crecente, editor in chief of gaming blog Crecente photographed a large stack of PS3s for sale at a major U.S. electronics retailer just after the holidays.

A visit to eBay finds the PlayStation 3 selling for a retail price of $500 for a 20-gig model and $600 for 60-gigs, a stark contrast to the $2,000 plus they went for before Christmas. As of this writing, Best Buy's Web site shows that the high-end model is available on order..."

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Gears5235d ago

MAn Sony are screwed big time LOL. They will leave the console market, just like Sega. Sony is getting their A$$ handed to them on a silver platter with Wii60 inscribed on it. Hell I will send Sony a tombstone reading, PS3 laid quietly to rest after having the sh!t kicked out of it by WII60!

Gears5235d ago

It may be too early to predict a winner in the next generation console war, but that doesn't keep some experts from speculating.

"The "next gen" war has only just begun, but from the early skirmishes, things are looking pretty good for Microsoft," said Davison. "Nintendo had a good holiday season, but it has a lot to prove."

Crecente, who believes Sony's PlayStation 3 is a powerful system that's capable of offering a great experience, agreed with Davison's assessment.

"I would say Microsoft [will be the winner]," he said. "Sony is not winning — that's easy to say — there have been so many missteps. Nintendo has a tremendous amount of buzz, but Microsoft has really taken advantage of the year's head start."

But Gartenberg, who believes the PS3 is off to a great start, said the market may be big enough that there doesn't need to be a winner — everyone could win.

Microsoft will win! The 360 is trendy and cool like th Ipod.

GAMER_4_Life5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

I think playstation is a good system.Now im a gamer and not a fanboy.I like the console but dosnt like sony.They handle things very strange u know.
I said it befor and I will say it now.If they have releasd 2 consoles,One with BR and one with out.Im sure they could find a way to make games work for both.U cant force PPL to buy things they dont need.Many are gamers and dosnt know anything about HB movies.My opinion is:Who will pay 200 dollars or more in some countries for somthing they dont need,dont care or dont know anything about it??

power of Green 5235d ago

Video games suck there for people with too much time on their hands, it you were offended by my comment you're a fanboy. J/K. You Sony fans can dissagree with all the 360 fans comments you wan't it doesn't change the fact PS3's in deep doo doo. have a nice day.

r10005235d ago

I love how people hear bad news and then put LOL... like thats really great news for them... Get a life losers... As if they had stock in Microsoft....

Stupid teenagers...

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