Unity Technologies' Field Engineer explains the performance issues of Unity 4-powered games

DSOGaming writes: "As you may already know, a lot – if not all – of games that were powered by Unity Engine 4 were plagued by performance issues, even on the PC. That something that really troubled us and according to Unity Technologies’ Field Engineer, Mathieu Muller, this was mainly because Unity Engine 4 was a single-threaded engine."

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mattkelly1991967d ago

As a Unity developer working on a title right now, I truly believe that the best course of action for performance issues is to upgrade to Unity 5. Unity 4 was great for the time, but 5 really strives to put it up to par with the modern specs. In Tactics Quest Arena, the game I am working on, we have gotten it to run beautifully on mobile with no problem on almost all devices.