Why It'll Not Be Surprising If Witcher 3 B&W Won GOTY

Witcher 3's new expansion is out next week and pretty much like it's previous expansion, CD Projekt Red seems to have put a lot of effort into it. DLCs are not generally given Game of The Years, but could this be a change if Blood & Wine proves to be as good as the original if not better?

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rivaldoo7772951d ago

I wouldn't be surprised even if it did, Uncharted 4 will easily win.

Duke192951d ago

That... that doesn't make sense

Sunny_D2951d ago

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

fiveby92950d ago

So much for proof reading. Must be something not taught anymore. ;)

poppinslops2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Easily? We're not even halfway through the year!

Hell, in the same month as Uncharted we've seen Overwatch and Blood&Wine, both of which have gotten 90+ metascores... Final Fantasy XV, Crackdown and Dishonored 2 are still coming, not to mention the next Red Dead - if that ends up being this year's Fallout-style 'suprise' then we'll see what a game with no competion looks like.

Kallisti2951d ago

Rockstar have already said they won't be releasing any new games 'til after April 2017, so no Red Dead 2016.

poppinslops2951d ago

Really? I did not know that... bummer.

When that map leaked I thought for sure it was gonna be a 2016 game, but I guess not... still, my point stands - it's way too early in the year to be handing out GotY awards.

Ceaser98573612950d ago

You can't expect RED DEAD to release this year when there is no info.. R* delays game so even if they show it end of this year it wont release until later next year or 2018 ...

nveenio2950d ago

I would be really surprised if anyone delivers a game that's more polished and more intense than Uncharted 4.

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-Foxtrot2951d ago

If it did then the industry would then be a joke

So many better games this year. Witcher had it's fun last year lets give others the chance

thekhurg2951d ago

Yeah because releasing an expansion larger than most full retail games should be ignored so the other guys can have their chance...

Aloy-Boyfriend2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

You still need the Witcher disk to play the expansion. It is not an standalone game.

Cmon!! not even The Old Blood got mentioned in the GOTY category. Hell, First light was standalone expansion and wasn't mentioned either. Why should this? Oh because it is bigger? Pfff

Vegamyster2951d ago


They scored 76/78 on metacritic (TOB came out 2015) so it's not really a surprise that critics didn't mention them lol, B&W sits a 92 in comparison.

2951d ago
_-EDMIX-_2951d ago

"Yeah because releasing an expansion larger than most full retail games" ??? Because most RPG expansions are.

RPGs in general are longer and larger, that doesn't really mean much in regards to GOTY. Shivering Isles when released was longer then most games, most games are not that much longer then 10 to 15 hours, so the point is moot when regarding an RPG bud.

Just sounds stupid and as if you haven't played an RPG's expansion before.

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Nitrowolf22951d ago

I don't see why not tbh. Sure if it was a map pack like cod dlc or battlefield, no chance, but this is a full blown expansion.

I don't see why those should be excluded from winning, especially since many have said it has so much going for it.

Mariusmssj2951d ago

Just image if Blood and Wine actually won GOTY, this would set such a good example for other to follow. Instead of $30 DLC with almost no content at all, create a truly great expansion charge people $20 and give them great support. This is something we see rarely, which is quite sad :(

_-EDMIX-_2951d ago

uh....sure bud. Please stop riding this games jock. Many RPGs have expansions bud, its this isn't a first of anything.

Obscure_Observer2949d ago


Perfect! That would be a true game changer!!!

ClickbaitAF2951d ago

I bet this expansion will have more content than other games releasing this year

KOIMOJO2951d ago

Will most likely be my game of the year if it is anything like Hearts of Stone

SynestheticRoar2951d ago

The industry is already a joke.

game4funz2951d ago

If the game is incredible and mind blowing i dont care if its an expansion...it should win. If it didn't and it was actually incredible and mind blowing THEN the industry would be a joke.

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Summons752951d ago

Maybe DLC of the year but it's not its own game therefore can not get GOTY. Right now Uncharted is on top but we still have a whole year ahead of us with Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 15 coming up too.

thekhurg2951d ago

It's bigger than most real games there's no reason it can't be measured as one for yearly honors.

sullynathan2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

because bigger world = good game, right?

Summons752951d ago

That doesn't make it its own game.

Dark_Knightmare22951d ago

That's irrelevant it's not a game but an expansion and no expansion has ever won goty and this one won't either no matter how good it is

_-EDMIX-_2951d ago

"It's bigger than most real games there's no reason it can't be measured as one for yearly honors"

Moot, its an RPG.

You can say this about an MMO, those expansions should win GOTY too?

2950d ago
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game4funz2951d ago

How is it not its own game?
What is it then...can i play it or not.