7 Game Endings That Made Us Go Wait, What

OX writes: " Ideally, the end of a game delivers a satisfying last bout of gameplay and wraps up the narrative. On occasion, though, a finale is so left field that they could be having Coachella in the right field and you wouldn't notice. Take these bizarre endings, for instance. "

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Null2685d ago

Where is fallout 4's ending with SHAWN?


Venturous is an Incredible New Indiana Jones Themed DOOM Total Conversion Mod

Venturous is an incredible Indiana Jones inspired Doom total conversion mod where you travel the world in search of Atlantis.

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QuakeCon 2023 Switch eShop sale includes lowest prices ever for Doom, Quake, more

QuakeCon 2023 sale now live on the Switch eShop with the lowest prices ever for Doom, Quake, and other games.

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DOOM Guy: John Romero Talks DOOM, Quake, Virtual Reality & More

Cultured Vultures: Cultured Vultures recently caught up with Romero to talk about DOOM Guy’s biggest revelations, including his reflections on the making of DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, and more.

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