SOCOM Confrontation "Extraction" Trailer

A Brand new trailer released by Sony for SOCOM Confrontation called Extraction.

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cahill3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

but plays awesome

cant wait

socomnick3754d ago

well one of our own n4g forum members said the gameplay was horrible, that the graphics were super horrible and that there was massive screen tearing. He said the game was just awful hes in the beta by the way.

PoSTedUP3754d ago

im hearing really good things from the previews saying that the graphics are really good and it could be the ps3's benchmark title and everything, oh man i cant wait for the beta in 3 days! HoO RAH!! socom is the greatest thing that ever happened to online gaming imo.

reincarnated3754d ago

i agree with you but im a sony fanboy and i even have to say that the graphics look like a really good ps2 game, hopefully it will look better when it comes out.

cahill3754d ago

but i think it looks very decent for a PSN game

Ofcourse the gameplay is AWESOME

VictorCreed3754d ago

nice trailer, game looks great!

pav23233754d ago

and I am starting to get a little disappointed. I have been looking forward to a PS3 Socom, but it is starting to look fairly lackluster to me. I know it is beta right now but the tearing is not a bug that gets worked out in a beta phase ( correct me if I am wrong, I might be ) I have the new video from the PSS and the preview in the first episode in Qore, and the tearing is in every video. Hopefully the beta will change my mind about what I am seeing. A lot of people on the ps boards are saying it is just the video transfer but unless there are problems with every SOCOM video transfer than there is evident tearing.

DrPirate3754d ago

I beg that you trust me:

There is not only evident tearing at all points in the game.

Enemies teleport (it looks like lag, but it's bad rendering)

Framerate hitches so bad, it's hard to aim when there's shooting on screen.

Physics cause lock ups.

thor3754d ago

Here's my guess - whilst the game will be scooped up by diehard socom fanatics, the majority will see the sub-par graphics, then the unchanged gameplay from previous iterations, compare it with the hundreds of other shooters on the market, then say "no thanks". I don't see what the point is in releasing a game with pretty much the same gameplay as before, unless you're going to revamp the graphics. If wipeout HD was instead just an SD port of pulse or pure, would anyone be excited about it? I _know_ that there are many people who enjoyed the previous games, but whenever a game comes out and it's just the same, even minus a single player element, and vehicles (were vehicles in socom 3?), it is NOT going to be positively reviewed. I don't _really_ know why this game is up there in hype with R2 and LBP, but I'm sure someone can inform me.

matchgrade3754d ago

I agree completely. There's probably a really good reason why so many ppl love the SOCOM series, but to people like me who've never played it, the game is looking pretty horrible. The messy graphics, the mediocre-looking combat, and the awkward movement and motion (motion-capture my ass, these guys move nothing like in real life) makes the game look more dated than Counter Strike 1.6.

Like I said, I havent been playing the previous SOCOM games, they're probably great games, but technically this game looks like a piece of s***, and if they dont make a decent effort to make the game look good and NEXT-GEN, i think I'll stick to R2 and LBP this fall.

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