Crash Bandicoot and PlayStation Nostalgia

The successes of Ratchet and Clank and the Crash-themed Easter eggs shown in Uncharted 4, have a lot of individuals hopeful for a new game. Yet, we have heard that Activision holds the rights to franchise the beloved bandicoot. With their focus on releasing the next Call of Duty, would it be worth their time to make money on nostalgia?

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Marcello2946d ago

Crash & Spyro should both return !!

Relientk772946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

If Sony released a new Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon games on PS4 I would literally flip out and scream like a little girl

Platformgamer2940d ago

Crash, spyro, gex, croc, tombi, medievil... They need to come back, for the love of the platform gaming!


‘People laughed at it’: the unlikely story behind the music of Crash Bandicoot

For many, the game became the sound of the 90s – but Josh Mancell tells us how the music for PlayStation’s first mascot game originated in Kraft cheese and Kraftwerk

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Xbox's Phil Spencer considers PS5 and Nintendo Switch players part of the Xbox community

This is Spencer's mindset after the Activision Blizzard acquisition closed

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Vengeance1138224d ago

What a horrifically toxic person, im sure in his mind Microsoft already acquired both Sony and Nintendo and they are all that's left in gaming.
Can't wait for 2027!

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darthv72223d ago

so... people who express positivity are toxic in your view? That's basically what you are saying right now. I know its easier to hate but it takes real strength to remain positive in the face of negativity.

As for him living rent free in your head... that will be $9.99 now.

Eonjay223d ago

This comment proves my earlier comment. There is nothing wrong with you. I have surmised that you are a developer and you are not dumb but in order to claim to be 'down with the Xbox' YOU have to become toxic yourself. He did not say anything you are implying. That's a toxic lie. Spencer is not expressing positivity. THAT is a toxic lie. People are not supposed to be positive in the face of consolidation that will lead to a worse situation for all of us. Ignoring that is TOXIC.

darthv72223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

^^man i wish i were a developer. I'm just an average joe who tries to be upbeat and optimistic even when the chips are down.

Petebloodyonion223d ago

The spirit of Orchard looms over you!

fr0sty223d ago

He sees the writing on the wall, and knows that Xbox GamePass will eventually appear on both Sony and Nintendo's systems.

Gamingsince1981223d ago

It has to get on ps and Nintendo or xbox is dead by 2027, that's why. Xbox NEEDS gamepass on everything or they are out of business in 2027.

fr0sty222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I don't see why people are disagreeing, Phil said it himself that if GP subs don't dramatically increase by then, Xbox is toast. Logically, the only way to pull that off is for them to go third party, as they aren't just going to magically start selling a ton more consoles. Even a new exclusive Bethesda IP hasn't even started to turn things around for them. They have not far from 100 billion dollars to recoup from all these purchases, and their shareholders will be out for blood soon.

Zeref223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Can't wait to have all those Sony exclusives on my Xbox and on GamePass when MS acquires them 🔥🔥🔥

Shane Kim222d ago

The possibility of GP ending up on PS is much higher.

Gamingsince1981222d ago

Lol Xbox is going to be only a publisher by 2027 they won't be buying playstation, they need playstation more than anything to survive 🤣 you are trolling or dumb take your pick. Xbox is done, welcome to the future where xbox is a publisher releasing games on everything and playstation and Nintendo carry on as usual.

GrmpyolGamer 222d ago

He lives rent free in your mind

TheEroica222d ago

You should probably cry more about your inner bias.

itsmebryan222d ago

What happens in 2027?

Vengeance1138222d ago

Xbox exits the gaming industry as Phil said if they don't get over 100M subs on GamePass by then it's not worth staying.
This number ofc being impossible as GP only has 25M subs now.

PhillyDonJawn222d ago

Vengeance the courts showed Xbox is more profitable than PS. So that make no sense

Gamingsince1981222d ago


No it didn't 🤣 Mandela effect in action in your world huh, Sony breaking records month on month year on year , xbox "we are a publisher by 2027 because no one is buying gamepass" yeah sounds like it's going well over at xbox. You are a clown 🤡

neutralgamer1992222d ago

would we be happy if he had come out and said screw nintendo and playstation? so what the heck do we want? MS have the money to buy and publishers are willing to sell. We have cult like fanboys on this site who will defend their box and brand even if their brand is doing wrong by gamers. Until we mature as a community greed with continue to rule supreme

i am so glad i am now a PC gamer. This nonsense has to stop. I have multiple store fronts offering competetive pricing and the ability to use cheat codes in my single player games to enjoy without all the MT

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MrDead224d ago

He wishes he had a community of gamers. I guess buying the market and banning gamers from games seems like a community for him, now everyone is as miserable as an Xbox owner

crazyCoconuts223d ago

Maybe he's foreshadowing a future where they're no longer making exclusive games... where the Xbox hardware is like... not as important?

MrDead223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

No longer making games? They never made games in the first place, thats how ms made the Xbox the least played platform. All they're doing now is buying up an industry and dictating who is and isn't allowed to play, gamers have got nothing from MSs deals except for less options for where to play and two publishers no longer competing.

Godmars290223d ago

MS has never seen Xbox hardware as important. Never.

It why they didn't buy vital parts for OG Xbox.
Why the 360 was rushed causing RRoD.
Why 1st edition XB1 was built around Kinect, and technically crippled as a result.
Its why they're talking more about streaming than Series X while not really talking about how Series S sells better. Is hindering the more powerful system.

Even when MS honestly tried making games, PC specs where more important than their own console. Alan Wake - that quantum game/TV I'm not bothering to recall - and that cop game - I'm also brain farting on - all where first shown on bleeding edge PC rigs, and subsequently failed to live up to first reveals for being built down to the consoles they should have been built for.

Phil/MS might be claiming a win because he bought an industry position Xbox has failed to earn, but if MS lives to type, then all that's going to lead to is disappointment and denial.

crazyCoconuts223d ago

@God, i couldn't disagree more. It wasn't until XB1 that MS started leaning into PC and cloud.
Up until then, getting you on Xbox hardware so you buy games via their platform was the ONLY business model that existed. Of course they saw their hardware as important. The OG Xbox had built-in ethernet and was quite a bit more powerful than it's rival PS2. The RROD wasn't on purpose in the 360. The Kinect was a hardware play to gain superiority in the way Nintendo did with their controllers. Now that they have pulled in PC and have expectations around Cloud, maybe they're pivoting their investments to a sector they think they can "win" in, but that's a relatively new concept.