Prey 2 May Be Coming Very Soon

According to Twitter user, @Nerdleaks, Zenimax may be getting ready to re-announce Prey 2. Zenimax recently updated both and three days ago to redirect to a Prey 2 Facebook page that is currently hidden.

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Nitrowolf22559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Yes!! I hope this is true, though I do hope they keep around the original trailer reveal and gameplay. Would hate to see it drastically change into something that we wouldnt want

TwoForce2558d ago

Yes, I agree. It has been so long.

AnotherProGamer2558d ago

Going by the leaked info its drastically different and a spiritual seccessor to System Shock 2

Concertoine2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

That sounds too good to be true. I would prefer a SS2 spiritual successor to yet another quest driven open world game, though. Everything has open world elements either copy-pasted from Rockstar or Bethesda and it's gotten kind of tiring.

starchild2558d ago

It's coming back! That's awesome. Well, lets hope this is true.

Fist4achin2558d ago

I'm glad to hear it. This one looked badass.I just hope it doesn't turn out as bad as duke nukem.

REDGUM2557d ago

To tied us over, I wouldn't mind a remaster of the 1st prey game. Yeah, I know, not another remaster but I was only luckey enough to play it on P.C (not my preference for gamining I might add) & really liked it. i'd love to gave that game another whirl but with a PS4 controller this time!!
A man can dream right!

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vallencer2558d ago

Same as in name alone. Prey 2 was set to be where the main character was a bounty hunter who hunted aliens amongst other things. Shared only the name. Well as far as the trailer went. It got canned so idk what they had planned beyond that.

opinionated2558d ago

that prey 2 trailer was awesome. I was disappointed when it got cancelled.

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