Lost Planet: Advanced Techniques

Lost Planet is set to arrive on store shelves across America next week. If you've been following the game closely, you've likely already downloaded and played the E3 single player demo and the more recent multiplayer online demo. By now you've surely become a master or running across the frozen landscapes and tearing your opponents to shreds with a Vital Suit chaingun. Or perhaps you haven't. Either way, IGN is here to show you a few of the cooler little things that aren't readily apparent in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. There isn't a whole lot of in-game direction in Lost Planet, so read on to learn some of the moves IGN come across, from the basic to the kick ass.

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wolfgang5442d ago

I deceided to buy this game right after I first tried the demo. This game is incredible, I even forgot about DMC4 when I was playing it.

FirstknighT5442d ago

This is the next big franchise from Capcom! Alot of excitement and buzz is coming from this game! I cant wait! Thanks Microsoft!

speed5441d ago

the game is like a giant vagina to me right now, its hard to get a good feel for it. I would be willing to give it a whirl though.