Is The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Hiding a Secret?

What exactly could we expect to experience during out time spent away from Temeria’s war torn lands?

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poppinslops2950d ago

I've been avoiding these previews like the plague, but Geralt travels to Toussaint and Beauclair in the novels (roughly 5 years before Blood and Wine), so I think it's safe to assume there will be quite a few callbacks to his last visit... he spent a whole Winter down there, working, looking for clues to Ciri's wherabouts, screwing the local sorceress and trying to keep Dandelion from being executed by Beauclair's batshit-crazy Duchess (Ehmir Var Ehmries' cousin).

Avallach has a cave down that way - another shrine to Lara Dohren (Ciri's ancestor), so I wouldn't be suprised to see him... he'll probably have a quest relating to the fate of the En Aelle Elves (either way, I owe him an apology).

I'm also assuming that Geralt's timed his visit to coincide with Beauclair's wine festival, which is held once a year to celebrate the harvest and 'bless' next year's grapes... basically it's Beaucair's aforementioned Duchess and Fringilla Vigo making wine in their knickers while everyone gets outrageously drunk - good times!

Speaking of Fringilla, that no-class Ho is DEFINITELY going to try to get her claws into Geralt... just remember, any crows you see could be Yennefer's - plus she can read Geralt's mind - so cheating on her is impossible.

bloodybutcher2949d ago

i am really hoping for some fringilla in the dlc, though toussaint without reynart, regis, angouleme, milva and cahir...will not be the same for me. i am hoping for Jaskier-i mean dandelion-joining geralt.

poppinslops2949d ago

No way Dandelion isn't coming... Yeah, he's pretty-much banished from Toussaint, but when has 'the law' ever stopped him?

bloodybutcher2948d ago

i am not sure, which direction-if Dandelion will really join Geralt- i want this to go. on one hand, he seemed really in love(as much as it is possible for this moron), so probably i would like him to get in some kind of relationship with anarietta, because it would fit the books imo. on the other hand, it would seem to be to safe a path and i would like to be surprised. in any case, i am so getting this dlc, being a big saga fanboy since for 16 years already.

poppinslops2948d ago

Damn, it must have been torture waiting for the games (not to mention the books!) to come out... I played the first two games then read the novels just before Wild Hunt came out, so it's only been a few years for me.

That said, it's already my all-time favourite thing... Sapkowski is a genius - every bit as good a writer as George RR Martin.

Here's hoping the upcoming film/tv series don't suck... I heard the previous attempts were REALLY bad.

bloodybutcher2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

oh, it was so bad---both the movie and the series. you know, sometimes you get such a bad movie, that it's fun to talk about?well, it was so bad, that nobody wanted to even mention it xD the only good thing was Michal Zebrowski as Geralt, though i was initially very sceptical. he didn't seem to be a good choice at all, but hey, make up artists made awesome witcher out of him. funny thing is, when i met him at signing(yup, i went to get the autographs, even though i hated the movie) he looked so slim...such a disappointment xD but it still makes me happy to own my copy of Time of Disdain with Geralt's, Dandelion's and Yennefer's autographs. and waiting for the books to come out was horrible...btw, if they ever gets translated, read

bloodybutcher2948d ago

...Narrenturm trilogy by Sapkowski. he is such a great writer.

poppinslops2948d ago

Yeah, I've heard it's even better than the Witcher... Do you know if it's been translated to English?

bloodybutcher2947d ago

as far as i am aware, unfortunately it has not been translated to English. it is a shame, many people in fact do consider the Narrenturm trilogy to be superior to The Witcher saga and i would love to have them experience great characters(well, mostly.the main protagonist is an idiot) and such detailed 15th century Slesia and the neighbourhood.

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joab7772950d ago

I wish this was released as a stand alone dlc so I could get a few of my friends to grab it too. It may even sell better this way.

MeteorPanda2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

You can. You have an option in w3 to start a new game and just play the heart of stone story with a basic setup geralt so ld assume that option will be there for blood and wine too

Oh you mean without the game...that'd be weird and they have the game on sale online for like 70% off atm anyhow


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Dudeson731d ago

Damn, I feel stupid when years ago I played all the dlc for fallout 3 except the pitt. My younger ass looked at it and thought it was boring without trying I believe... Well good reason to fire up the old dusty ps3!

PhillyDillyDee731d ago

Bethesda usually does great DLC. Makes sense they are on the list 3 times.

generic-user-name731d ago

Solid list, I'd add inFamous: Festival of Blood, although it was a standalone download, it still felt like an inFamous 2 expansion.

Blood and Wine might be the best ever though.

SullysCigar731d ago

I'd also add in Horizon The Frozen Wilds. As I started it, I wasn't sure I had the energy, but my God that was awesome. Some of the best weapons, enemies and missions in Horizon for sure.

730d ago
RaidenBlack731d ago

Blood and Wine is always the reason these "best DLC of all time" list gets made in the first place nowadays.
Don't think CDPR can come any where near with any upcoming CP2077 DLC.

Silly Mammo731d ago

I have beaten Bloodborne but though i have the DLC I never played through it. For now I want to wait and see if it gets a Bluepoint remake.

anast731d ago

It's the best DLC in the genre. You are missing out.

SarwarRon731d ago

I double that. If you've liked Bloodborne, don't miss out The Old Hunters.

730d ago
MadLad731d ago

I skipped on Demons Souls remake, but Bloodborne would be day one. I love the game, but it is very, very jaggy and really needs a 60fps edition.

anast731d ago

I didn't like Blood and Wine too much, but the grandmaster gear is worth it.