PSP-3000 Video Feature

Sony's John Koller gives GameSpot an in-depth look at Sony's new PSP-3000.

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highdro3755d ago

yes i am back!!! highdro is back !!! fell the power of sony,feel the power of the psp-3000,feel the power of the ps3,but feel the overheati ng of the 360 XD

AND BOYCOUT THE or two bubbles will not stop me..

feel the power !!!!!!!

RevN8r3755d ago

I'm not sure about your comment highdro, but I do want a PSP-3000.

ChickeyCantor3755d ago

So he is basically saying:
not only will we update the firmware we will now and then update the hardware so you have 10 PSP by the time its 2012?

heylo3755d ago

wow I thought the psp slim display was already pretty good but now compared to the new one it looks like a piece of sh!t