Programmer jailbreaks PS4 to play Steam games

MWEB GameZone writes: "Could we be seeing Steam run independently on the PS4 or the Xbox One in the near future?"

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HanCilliers1583d ago

Me thinks not gonna happen. Cross-play is one thing, but Steam on console? That'll be the day

Yui_Suzumiya1582d ago

Would be awesome though! Can you imagine Steam on the next PS/Xbox?! Now that'd be an effing megaton!!

InTheZoneAC1582d ago

at that point there would be no need for xbox...

BossBattle1582d ago

@Inthezoneac there's no need for any console if we're talking about steam here. Especially once someone gets emulators for Xbox and Playstation games on pc.

kaizokuspy1582d ago

@boss battle

How expensive would the pc setup be, to run and emulate ps4 exclusives though?

GrimmyReaper1582d ago

Given that the PS4 uses familiar hardware and x86 structure, me thinks. Not very expensive.
Heck, people are already getting close to emulate PS4 games, while the PS3 emulator is still wonky

Eonjay1582d ago

Um, isn't Microsoft's big reveal related to Steam on Xbox.

rainslacker1582d ago

It would seem you would either need Windows to make this work, or be restricted to SteamOS/Linux offerings. Obviously Xbox would have an advantage on the Windows front, but if it's hacked, it's unlikely to be allowed for very long.

I doubt official support would happen, because there's not much reason for Sony or MS to lose revenue from unlicensed software which they have no control over, which in itself offers up a multitude of security risks for their own closed systems.

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joab7771582d ago

Only if there is money in it. If Sony could get a cut on games they don't offer themselves...maybe.

neoandrew1582d ago

Exactly, this is the reason EA Access was denied by sony on ps4.

donthate1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Unless the games are pirated, retail disc based game sales still profit Sony. Every disc sold gets a cut to Sony.


"Exactly, this is the reason EA Access was denied by sony on ps4."

Which also shows how generous MS is at the moment allowing it on Xbox platform.

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kevnb1582d ago

It's already been done, although I'm sure they aren't getting the full potential of the ps4.

AndrewLB1582d ago

These consoles are PCs bro. Same hardware architecture and everything. If they could get linux running on the PS3, this will be much easier to do. Steam OS is based on Debian linux PS4's os is based off FreeBSD. all of those run on pc hardware.

Dragonking0071582d ago

Well you never know these days sony already let one of there biggest feature on to pc which is remoteplay.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1582d ago

The next GeoHotz. Sony will take it to court, get his program and update a patch to block it.

ILostMyMind1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

It is alread locked now .

Imalwaysright1582d ago

Last time I heard, it wasn't illegal to jailbreak your devices.

ziggurcat1582d ago

The legislation, unless it has changed, only applies to cellphones. You can't jailbreak a console, legally, as far as I know.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1582d ago

An Australian jailbroke the PS3 and a court injunction prevented distribution, but allowed Sony a copy to patch the system. GeoHotz also jailbroke the PS3 and lost in court in Georgia. Again Sony received the software to patch the system and though the courts waved jail time he had restitution to pay any cannot own Sony products.

rainslacker1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

It was actually ruled that the cons outweigh the consumer rights when it came to consoles. Was around the last few years of last gen. I don't think it was a case set into precedent, but was a ruling by a judge. Sony had some thing against some university I believe, but I'd have to go look it up.

IIRC, the ruling didn't make jailbreaking illegal, it did make it so the console makers could exercise their rights to "shut off" the console, basically making it unusable outside of the jailbreak.

Edit: Damn, should have read all the replies. Looks like you found something as well. This is seperate from the thing I was talking about though. I'll see if I can find a link when I feel like it, but likely will forget about this by tomorrow.:(

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lfc_4eva1582d ago

You can never stop determined guys wanting to prove their skills against the big boys.

Rookie_Monster1582d ago

Sounds cool but I wouldn't want to chance it and brick my PS4 as I need it still for all the great games still coming and PSVR.

jb2271582d ago

You won't have to worry about bricking, my inside sources say that Sony themselves are releasing an official version! This will be great because PS4 owners can use it as a workaround to play games only on PC & Xbox like Rise of the Tomb Raider & Cuphead! This can totally happen!

Outside_ofthe_Box1582d ago

'my inside sources'

lol, you expect people to believe you?

ziggurcat1582d ago

Why? What benefit is it to play steam games on console when they run exponentially better on PC?

UnHoly_One1582d ago

Because some people don't have a PC that can exceed the PS4's capabilities?

That seems like a pretty obvious answer to your question, so I'm guessing your "question" was just to troll and not a legitimate inquiry.

ziggurcat1582d ago

... And playing the games on equivalent HW accomplishes what, exactly? I don't see how questioning the usefulness of running steam on console constitutes trolling.

Spyroo1582d ago

"Because some people don't have a PC that can exceed the PS4's capabilities?"


ILostMyMind1582d ago

I think most of people don't have that PC.

gangsta_red1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Convenience maybe, or like Unholy One said maybe that person doesn't have a PC that can run these games and having it on PS4 is a possible solution to this.

So you don't see how questioning the usefulness of something is trolling and yet you feel someone asking what they think of game is right?

Rookie_Monster1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Lol, nice find Gansta. Some people just like to be hyprocrite, I guess. And agreed with UnHoly_One that for many folks that don't have a PC rig to run some of the more demanding Steam games, a PS4 might be a great alternative for them as It can kill 2 birds with one stone analogy.

gangsta_red1582d ago


I know right, that's like asking why do I need Netflix on my smartphone when I have a 60' flat screen at home.

I personally don't game much on my PC but I wouldn't mind having access to Steam through my consoles. I mean it could only mean more games right?

ziggurcat1582d ago

"Convenience maybe, or like Unholy One said maybe that person doesn't have a PC that can run these games and having it on PS4 is a possible solution to this."

That's a fair enough answer.

"So you don't see how questioning the usefulness of something is trolling and yet you feel someone asking what they think of game is right?"

The difference, gangsta, is I'm just asking a question, I'm not attacking or childishly insulting anyone who might find it useful.

gangsta_red1582d ago

Oh, so for you it's just asking a question right? Like how I asked a question and got a childish response from you and your brothers.

"I'm not attacking or childishly insulting anyone who might find it useful."

I think you know more about being childish and insulting more than anyone here right Ziggurcat?

Rookie_Monster1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Dang, caught him off guard 2x! you have earned a detective badge from me. Great work.

Edit: dang Ziggercat sounded mad and try to act innocent in self defense. That is a sign that a man is guilty.

ziggurcat1582d ago

If you can point out anywhere in the questions I've asked where I've personally attacked anyone who thought this was a useful/beneficial function to add to their console, please be my guest. My question was how was the function useful, not why does x person think it's useful (or how can x person be so foolish in thinking it's useful).

The context of your question was insulting. How so? Because you immediately followed up with how something somewhere stated that the game looked bad (even though you provided no evidence to support your claim), so you were clearly asking the question in bewilderment, and mocking him for stating that he thought the game looked "sweet." Someone can think something looks good even if it's based on a single photograph - and there are a lot of concept design photos in the article as well (which, evidently, you didn't click).

My response was based on your belligerent, insulting attitude towards the person just because they had added a reference to the game being a PS4 exclusive. And you do it all the time when it's related to Sony/PS4. Never when it's related to anything Xbox - you're often seen vehemently defending people in that case rather than utilizing the same critical eye you have with PlayStation.

Gol3m1582d ago

It's getting really scary that these multi account n4g users reply to their own posts.

kingdom181582d ago

Maybe he just wanted to see if it could be done?

rainslacker1582d ago

There's a "hey neat, look what I can do" factor involved. Sounds rather troublesome to me considering you'd need a highly unoptimized for the PS4 OS to manage it, which would just get in the way of the benefits of console, but not all games would require more than the PS4 offers.

I suppose it could be convenient as well.

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