New: Fallout 3 - 5 Gameplay Videos

5 Amazing new gameplay videos containing over 20 minutes of brand new gameplay footage from Fallout 3.

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rroded3728d ago

yep looks great no doubt the mod scenes going to be all over it too :D

TheExecutive3728d ago

this game looks amazing. Right up there with LBP and Resistance as a must have this holiday season

ngg123453728d ago

Must buy level now. Wow.

ngg123453728d ago

Oblivion ai, and terrible gunplay.

ngg123453728d ago

I'm whining because stalker shadow of chernobyl (a rpg diablo esque game with fps elements) had better ai, but worst graphics.

Relcom3728d ago

holy balls that was awesome, i wish they would loose the stiff looking one on one talks from oblivion though.

ngg123453728d ago

The gameplay is what bothers me. Such retarded AI, they run right into you, or stay standing tall not moving for you to pick them off.

Relcom3728d ago

Its supposed to be a RPG so less than great AI is alright with me, plus bethesda has never been known for FPSs so give em a break

TheExecutive3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

some less than intelligent AI is acceptable to me in an RPG. This isnt a FPS.

EDIT: LOL, i wasnt whining, I was actually defending the game. You need to chill out dude.

Relcom3728d ago

whatever guys, if you don't like it quit your bit*hing and move on, WHINERS. Go play disgaea

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The story is too old to be commented.