Battalion 1944 May Use DX12 On Xbox One, PS4 Version Will Provide ‘Exceptional’ Experience

'We are actively working with Sony to make that experience as exceptional as possible,' says Alex Preece.

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MCTJim1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Did they not already say in the world premiere that they are using Unreal and DX12?(1:31 in the official trailer) Its also due out next year according to their website..May 2017.

nitus101586d ago

It must be noted that the PS4 does not use DX12 since that is a Microsoft only suite of graphical libraries.

ShadowKnight1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

It should also be noted that DX12 doesn't really help the Xbox one hardware. Better for PC hardware.

xHeavYx1585d ago

Do you expect anything else from Gamingbolt?

iTechHeads1585d ago

It must be noted that the PS4 versions of games outperform and outshine their respective XBO counterparts every single time.
But yeah, this is you-know-who-bolts article so you can expect flame wars.

S2Killinit1585d ago

It must be noted that DX12 has still some gamers fooled.

its_JEFF1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

It should also be noted that I don't think most people know what DX12 is... or what it does.

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hardcorehenry1586d ago

Seems like this game will ride in on BF1's coattails and be extremely underwhelming.

sullynathan1586d ago

BF1 will be BF4 with a new skin.

Rimeskeem1586d ago

WW1 =/= Modern shooter at all

sullynathan1586d ago

@Rimeskeem Right, is that why BF hardline is BF4 with cops & robbers or Battlefront is just a star wars version of BF?

2pacalypsenow1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Isn't that the same thing for every game tho? Why fix what isn't not broken

sullynathan1585d ago

@2pac because it is fucking broken.

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Fin_The_Human1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Please can I borrow this time travel machine of yours so that I can play BF1.

Just because its has a bigger budget game that does not mean that it will be great...Battlefront is a good example of this.

detroitmademe1586d ago

@hardcorehenry Lol I know I'll get disagrees but I can't lie,That was my first thought when I seen this

hardcorehenry1586d ago

Hah yep welcome to the club. Was my first thought when I saw the game a couple months ago.

jordan84451586d ago

Uh, WW1 and WW2 are entirely different wars. In fact WW1 isn't even suited to BF. Another Hardline gimmick with a sweet trailer.

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Letthewookiewin1586d ago

Lol, Battlefront used DX12 on X1 and ran at 720p. Incredible.

Xavior_Reigns1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Shh just let them have it. It's embarrassing enough watching the xbot hive mind go wild over a 6 yr old game which at the time wasnt nearly as "classic" as it's thought of now just because of BC. Btw great feature... in the 1st yr, not nearing 3rd lol. That desert be making hope delusional.

Lennoxb631586d ago

Nobody's going wild over this news.

ecchiless1586d ago


He is talking about COD; BO1

Ravenor1585d ago


Pot meet kettle.

For someone who likes to deride other people for their console, you kinda show how transparent you are. You speak like a child who wants nothing more than for the grownups to listen at the big boy table, only to realize everyone can see through your saaaad saaaad facade. Get some fresh air mate, maybe speak to someone who doesn't just echo the exact same bullshit at you like a gang of seals.

Seriously, the article isn't even about BC how desperate are you to downplay a great, improving and free service? Gods I bet you're insufferable in person, I bet you sneer at kids playing phone games like a pretentious...I'm assuming metal head teen asshole. Grow up and go rebuy Vice City.

gangsta_red1585d ago

We need to start a petition!

Xavior_Reigns1585d ago

@ Ravenor

Hey I rock the kettle and insulting me over metal music? Wow did my avatar tell you my life story? LOL! Fella I get plenty of fresh air, but thanks for being concerned, I'm sure its genuine. However I'm not knocking BC moron, go reread my post for clarity before you get triggered. I'm knocking on the morons making a BIG fuss over it like its the 2nd coming of Jesus. Also facade? Heh did you read what you posted??? Pretentious reeks, go take a seat in the shower.

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kstuffs1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Don't worry the times will come. Battlefront uses an old paradigm Frostbite 3 that runs terribly on XB1 hardware. You can check it out. Any games running Frostbite 3 is terrible, which is why the PS4 runs at 900p instead of 1080p.

DX12 requires from the ground up engine design to maximize it. Once that's clicking like UE4 and CryEngine then the PS4 will struggle. Heck, it's already is with exclusive, flagship UC4 MP running at 900p/60 instead. Shouldn't the 50% more power push that to 1080p?

SniperControl1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I see DX12 really pushed Quantum Break to the limits res wise...........

You are also selectively forgeting that UC4 runs at 1080p comfortably in SP mode.......

MrSec841585d ago

No DX12 doesn't require engines to be built from the beginning with it in mind, they can be changed to accommodate DX12 if they're coming from a DX11 base or any other alternative API like OpenGL to Vulkan.
The major points of DX12 are to allow for CPU workloads to be spread across all cores and for communication to the GPU to not be bottle workloads by having to use a single CPU core to "talk" to the GPU.
Essentially a rework from single core chatter, to all cores talking freely, as needed is what DX12 requires and that can definitely be done with an older engine designed for DX11.

Battlefront used the most up to date version of Frostbite 3, Battlefield 1 will have iterated on that somewhat, but it won't be some massive step forward. BF1 uses Frostbite 3, so there won't be huge changes to what it can do in BF1.

Kleptic1585d ago


Frostbite 3 very much WAS built from the ground up for 8 core scalability, and integration of API's like DX12...The PC version of BF4 had mantle a few months after release...Mantle tech was integrated into DX12, its just no longer an open source project.

DX12 has not, and will not, do anything relevant for the Xbox One. It blows me away that some of you keep acting like a magic little api suite (that is what, 'more' to the metal than what was in there from the beginning? Listen to yourselves...) will compensate for the fact that the XBO has a low end laptop gpu. I agree the Xbox one, and to some degree the PS4, are both pants at running Frostbite 3...but that is because its a resource hungry engine that can do some incredible things on powerful hardware...not that the Xbox One is just waiting for the right API to run it...

Not to mention...the PS4 is running a derivative of Vulkan, which is extremely similar to DX12...and AMD has been working with both for cross development tools for the consoles...Neither console is going to have an advantage over the other in relation to what API they're running...the Xbox One got DX12 solely to connect with windows 10's desktop xbox app, and future cross play features as the official win 10 games library grows.

So...back to where it all begin...the PS4 remains the better console because it still has, and always had, the better gpu...the PS4 will NEVER struggle more so than the Xbox One, on any title...period.

2pacalypsenow1585d ago

Yeah and by that time Xbox 2 will be out and PS5 will have something else

TheCommentator1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

DX12 does require a from the ground up engine to run well. Matter of fact, there are still some features of DX12 which aren't even available to devs yet, as referenced at Build this year. Too many people around here think that all you have to do is tell your game it's on DX12 and everything both magically transfers and looks better. Some features, like those of FL12.1, would require rerouting massive amounts of code from one part of the GPU pipeline to the hardware accelerated DX12 parts right in the middle of development. Things like Ray Tracing, Voxelization, Physical Based Rendering, and other effects starting to get used today are at the heart of the FL12.1 hardware, and when they get integrated into more games the XB1 will close the gap. PS4 will have to have programs run in software in order to render these features, and that alone is significantly less efficient than the hardware built into the XB1. Dice, several years ago, was excited to see what experiments Intel(?) was doing with hardware acceleration remarkably similar to that of the FL12.1 compliant GPU's, claiming it to be one of the most exciting advancements in terms of enhancing GPU capabilities.

And no, Battlefront was not a native DX12 game, it only released with it already patched in. It was patched about a year after development began. Quantum Break and Fable Legends were also patched and, like I said, some of the most significant capabilities of DX12 can't even be used by devs yet.

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ScorpiusX1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Very Nice

1586d ago
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