Yes, They're Making a Fruit Ninja Movie

That's right, a Fruit Ninja Movie is apparently in the works, and it will apparently be a "family-friendly live-action comedy."

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COGconnected2506d ago

Oh dear god why? How could this possibly be any good?

Erik73572506d ago

I feel like it could go anywhere honestly....there's not much material for fruit ninja so they could go anywhere with it.

It's a pretty stupid idea though, if it wasn't for the title would we have known it had anything to do with fruit ninja? Probably not lmao

opinionated2505d ago

The father naughty gods producing, Neil Druckman the son directing it and the Holy Spirit of their fanbase can make anything possible.

Omnislashver362505d ago

Well I played fruit ninja with real swords and fruit way before this game came out. Maybe it could be a ninja who like's slicing fruit? I dunno. I feel like my shenanigans might be more interesting than this movie. These kids are into so much weird shit these days.

MzDino2506d ago

Well, there was the recent Angry Birds movie...i'm putting money down for a Flappy Bird movie.

Skate-AK2505d ago

What just going to say: What's next? Flappy Bird.

Null19802506d ago

Well that's just bananas.

2505d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.