Dear Nintendo: Please Step Up Your Virtual Console Game

Nintendo make their fair share of questionable decisions; there's no denying that. Moving the latest Legend of Zelda's release date to 2017, completely botching the motion controls for Red Steel, taking Fox McCloud out of his Arwing and giving him a pet dinosaur, and *gulp* the virtual boy are just a few examples of Nintendo dropping the ball. Luckily, it would seem that Nintendo fans are a forgiving bunch, given that we come back time and again to buy variation after variation of the same games we've been playing our whole lives. Don't fix it if it ain't broken. But one cardinal sin from Nintendo goes far past the point of forgiveness.

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Owenza2978d ago

Front Mission, with full English translation. I loved this little tactical mech game, but can't read Japanese much at all. Cannon Fodder would transition over very well too, I think, especially with the touch screen.

rjason122978d ago

Red steel? That's a Ubisoft game. I seriously agree on the virtual console front, they should release 3-4 titles a week

mrjam02978d ago

Dear Nintendo. Stop charging us repeatedly for games. Thank you.

Harrylikesgames2978d ago

I'd be all over the virtual console scene on my 3ds if the prices weren't so high

RosweeSon2977d ago

Yeah I don't understand why SNES games are £7.19 on 3ds yet get it on Wii U it's £5.49? Con as for this whole buying games again your not forced to repurchase the games again and are they full price no not even close VC games are £4-8 each these games were £40 a pop back in the day the fact I can no play them on the go or have save states or many other improvements I'd happily buy some of these games again not all sure but when they are the timeless classics being released... Sold.

wonderfulmonkeyman2977d ago

Everyone would love them to release 3 or 4 games a week on the VC.
But no one takes the cost that would require, in both man-hours needed to properly set them up and money through deals for older third party games let alone configuring their own, into account.

If Nintendo could find a way to make it happen, though, then I'd love to see Seiken Densetsu 3 get an English translation and put into the Eshop.
That'd be a day 1 purchase for me; the only way to play it in English right now is through a [admittedly VERY extensive and well-done] fan translated ROM, but I'd love to own it in English legitimately and would gladly pay a solid $20 or $30 bucks for it.

Zeldafan642977d ago

I'd like all the 3ds rpgs on the wii u virtual console.

Dunban672977d ago

Nintendo seems to have forgotten that it takes money (investment) to make money. They seem to think people should just buy whatever they can cheaply putout 1st in droves then maybe they will throw them a bone- there is a reason why Nintendo has lost serious market share and revenue (in a rising market) every year since 2008/9

wonderfulmonkeyman2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

They're already investing tons of cash in many ventures.
Upcoming theme park plans, merchandising, toys and clothing brands, hell they're even gonna start doing movies on their own soon.
That on top of games means their money is quite spread out; they need to prioritize things into what they feel will be the best investments.
Obviously a VC on a system that too few people are buying, isn't the best investment to make right now.

The NX might be different, but if it isn't, then it's understandable considering all the other things they're paying for in contrast to so many other companies out there.
Gathering the people to find, arrange, and convert all the data that would go into 3 or 4 whole new VC games per week would not be as cheap of a venture as people want to assume; it's not as simple as "snap our fingers and it's done!", especially when taking licensing rights with third parties into account.

Again, I'd love to see myself be proven wrong on this one, but at this point I just don't think it's a plausible investment.
Hell, not even Sony manages that sort of feat as far as I'm aware, and they're the market leader with plenty of PS4 cash to burn. [It's a shame they're losing some of it on that horrible Ghostbusters 2016 film, though.-_-;;]

Oh, and as to market share and revenue; market share I can agree with, on the console side [though I don't agree that VC is the cause.], but Nintendo's not the only one that's made less and less money off of their home consoles since a few gens ago.

Dunban672976d ago

Wonderfulmonkeyman: Nintendo was PAINFULLY slow getting meaningful VC games on the Wii U from the beginning- THey released a console that by their won admission lacked enough software and they acknowledged they were having a hard time making HD games- that being the situation and the lack of 3rd party games, one would think Nintendo would try to make up for it in other ways like the VC - It is up to Nintendo to make their console appealing to the marketplace-

wonderfulmonkeyman2976d ago

" It is up to Nintendo to make their console appealing to the marketplace"

By that logic, third parties have no chance of carrying the NX.

Dunban672976d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman It is up to Nintendo to make their console appealing to the marketplace- If that means getting healthy support from 3rd parties then Nintendo needs to make their console appealing to them- that can be done in many different ways - 3rd parties will support a Nintendo console if it makes business sense for them to do so-- It s just simple business. If Nintendo wants or feel like they need more 3rd party support than they had with the Wii U they will have to make it more of a priority-

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Lukejrl2977d ago

The emulation scene is exactly why nintendo can't sell the VC. People know there is no excuse for not having more games on there if a guy in his garage can put out an emulator that is pretty accurate and very playable. I get nintendo wants to make money but they are too greedy.

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