Do Game Reviews Really Carry That Much Weight?

Jo from Untold Gaming writes: "It is tough, really tough, these days not to be persuaded and bombarded by everyone else’s opinions on, well, everything. Games, films and TV shows are probably the hardest thing not to notice though. There are a tonne of different genres and those will appeal to different audiences, but when there is something you were really looking forward to, would bad review put you off even though you haven’t been anywhere the game?"

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Yukes1477d ago

Review scores sadly matter to developers and publishers, as often a game's success is judged as much by its Metacritic score as by its sales. I don't get why ONE garbage low Uncharted 4 review should bother anybody, though, apart from to highlight the stupidity of Metacritic...

OB1Biker1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I just think its a good thing they get flak from gamers. Sounds good to me. Scores dont bother me though

A bit off topic ; I just downloaded Uncharted 4 Fire Dynamic theme. Its awesome, I recommend it :)

Kingthrash3601477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I think journalists don't do reviews anymore, they do opinion pieces that look like reviews.
Reviews are supposed to come after beating the game...many, if not most are coming before the game was even finished.
Also they tend to point out things that are full opinion instead of solid fact about the game. Things like story, characters, and endings are all opinions that for some reason are written in reviewing games as major points Givin or taken away. When in truth, facts like controls, difficulty, ai, graphics, frame rate Stability, bugs, length and depth should be the front runner. Reviews are too busy comparing games to other games that are similar, and while that's a good thing to do it shouldn't be done as much as it is. Every cover shooter isn't gears, every fps isn't cod and every platformer isn't mario. Also I've noticed alot of hype effecting reviews too...Qb was hyped, hell I was super hyped about me it was a 6...close to a 5. So many reviews gave it 8s and 9s and I can't see how.
All in all I recommend angry joe reviews he actually beats his games and gives like a 40 minute review showing the goods and the bads....sadly he's one of the few true game reviewers out there that can be trusted. Ign lost my trust when it gave evolve a 9.

seanpitt231477d ago

For me some games I will buy regardless of reviews like uc4, witcher 3 etc.. but if there are games that iam on the fence like Homefront I wait for the reviews to give me some insight on what type of quality the game is and not to waste my money.
Looking at Homefronts reviews mostly have been average 5/10s this tells me not to buy it but I had my doubts anyway and these reviews just aknowledged them for me. But I have bought a game if I really wanted it like mad max that got mixed reviews but I saw quality in it so I went out a bought it and glad I did because it was a better game than a lot of reviewers said it was.
I have been gaming 26 years so I know when to listen to reviewers and when not to.

KingOfArcadia1477d ago

In my case, if a game I have my eye on releases to a bunch of poor reviews, in most cases I still plan on buying it - it just allows me to prioritize which game I get next. I trust myself to know what I like. As a case in point, just going by reviews, RAGE was a terrible, horrible game that no one should have played. The same goes for Deadly Premonition. I actually liked both of those quite a lot, but I waited until they were dirt cheap instead of buying them at launch. I figure any game I'm interested in even slightly is worth $5-$10 if I play it for even a couple of hours, no matter what the reviews say.

MrsNesbitt1477d ago

People were going to buy it either way! Move on with your issues and tissues!

OB1Biker1477d ago

No because many reviewers are killing off their own jobs instead of trying to remain relevant with everyone able to check out live streams.
Reviews need to adapt or die. i.e. no score, no 'opinion piece' and just try to help gamers figure out if they d enjoy a game made by reviewers who really enjoy gaming and communicate their passion

The 10th Rider1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I think a video game should be rated with a thumbs up/thumbs down scale. (1 thumbs up: enjoyed it, 2: incredibly enjoyable. Flipped for thumbs down.) And then a 1-4 star scale for how technically impressive the game is. 1 star would be really buggy, bad graphics, etc...2 stars would be a few technical and visual problems, but good, 3 would be technically fantastic, and 4 would be reserved for anything that's nearly completely flawless in mechanics, graphics, and technical issues.

Then if every reviewer on the site used those guidelines, you'd have an idea of how enjoyable it was and how many issues it has, because there can be some technically bad games that are really fun to play, alternatively there can be some technically impressive games that feel soulless and unenjoyable.

Goldby1477d ago

so instead of reviewing a game out of 10, you want it out of 8? 4 for thumbs and 4 stars for technical side? that wou.ldn't change anything.

It's either numbered scores like we have now, or no numbered scores and people forced to actually read the review to see if they would enjoy it.

The 10th Rider1477d ago


No, it would be two sets of scores that mean two easy to understand things. Thumbs equal how enjoyable the game is, stars equal how solid it is mechanically, visually, and technically.

Of course people could attach numerical value to it, but that's not what it would be.

Pastorfuzz1477d ago

I read some of them from Game Informer, EGM, and other gamers to decide if I am interested.
The Flame in the Flood for example. I would have never picked it up if it wasn't for the good reviews.
Great game!

Chivas111477d ago

Yes they do, especially when it comes to sales. If a game receives bad to mixed reviews it may turn off players from buying it meanwhile if a game gets great reviews it may encourage players to buy it. Just look at QB and R&C

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