Battlestations: Midway Multiplayer Preview

Just before the holiday break, TeamXbox spent some quality time with the single-player portion of Eidos' Battlestations: Midway. The game adeptly combines real-time strategy with intense combat, resulting in one of those types of games that only take a little while to learn, but months to master. The game takes place in the Pacific theatre of WWII, as you'll control the U.S. Naval fleet against the Japanese Navy. There's a bit of a story in place, although it's basically used as filler in between battles. While the single-player campaign will definitely keep you busy for a little while, it's the multiplayer action that will keep the game in your Xbox 360's tray for a good long time.

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ronscrote5445d ago

I just hope MS gets my corrupt profile problem sorted in time for this games release. This should be great fun on live.

ronscrote5444d ago (Edited 5444d ago )

Am i the only person interested in this game? i for one would like to see more games like this on the 360.