Could The King of Fighters XIV Put a Positive Dent in Competitive Fighting? | Hardcore Gamer

HG: An intentional foresight or otherwise, you can’t deny the arrival of a new King of Fighters title poses an intriguing state of affairs. In the wake of Street Fighter V’s mixed reaction and debate over its launch content, of which Capcom are at least trying to rectify (albeit with drip-fed additions here and there), developers SNK are hot on their fellow countrymen’s heels with what is arguably the company’s most renowned and popular franchise.

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gangsta_red1274d ago

Definitely, KoF has a good following and besides Tekken has been the one franchise to give SF a run for the money.

I would like to see SNK get the budget and the talent though to actually get their graphics up to standard. To me it makes no sense why this game looks the way it does. I am hoping for the next entry they get up to date because they already have everything else down packed.

NotEvenMyFinalForm1273d ago

KOF could of been bigger if its online component wasn't always like super laggy to the point of being unplayable. So it hardly ever had an online presence and it's even worse in the competitive world with not many tourney entrants and then dying within one year.

Fin_The_Human1273d ago

All it has to do is release with Arcade mode and it beats SFV ;)