Shadow Hearts - Retro Reflections

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I completed Shadow hearts a long time ago and I liked it. Searching for a role playing game on PS2, I’ve decided to play it again and write a review too. It has been a while now, but isn't that what Retro Reflections are all about? Let's go back and visit an old game.

Story: The story is about a young man, Yuri, who saves a girl wanted by two evil wizards in order to complete a ritual that will devastate the world. Yuri falls in love with Alice and decides to protect her at any cost while the final battle takes place in a huge alien construction. All the above reminds me of “Arc:Twilight of the spirits”, which came after Shadow Hearts. The story focuses heavily on love, war, horror and eastern Asia religious themes; it has good plot development and is told through dialogue cut-scenes that never become tiresome.

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fallensoul831276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

This and its sequel were 2 of my favorite PS2 games and RPGs of all time.