Nolan North on what might compel Sony to create another new Uncharted game

When some companies say there will be no more of a certain brand or franchise, they truly mean it. Sony strikes many of us as a company that stands by a claim like that, however, business is business and if Uncharted 4 was as successful as reviews lead us to believe, then this couldn't be the end of Uncharted, could it?

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JKSimmons1281d ago

You know, I would love another Uncharted game because I love the series so much, but (and without spoiling it) I felt the ending of Uncharted 4 was so perfect I wouldn't want that ruined. Sony would need to take great care if they end up making an Uncharted 5.

1281d ago
-Foxtrot1281d ago

There can only be three ways to do this

It's a prequel taking on smaller adventures between the trilogy we have. Filling in the gaps while providing more backstory on the characters. Like why Elena and Nate broke up, how they know Charlie Cutter etc

It's a Sully prequel before he met Nate

A new trilogy staring Chloe and Cutter....Uncharted Frazers Fortune

Zefros1281d ago

Or let Sam be the next protagonist. If you have finihsed 4 you know what i mean, the conversation they had in the end.

-Foxtrot1281d ago

I wouldn't want him to be honest. We saw enough of him in the game.

Chloe and Cutter were not in this game and their stories were not closed. I'd rather see them over Sam.

ninsigma1281d ago

I think Sam as protagonist would just end up being much the same as it is now. If they were to make another one, I'd like to see a certain other character as the lead.

smashman981281d ago

Or get this a new protagonist unrelated to any of them.

monkeyporn1281d ago

There can't be another Uncharted game because Naughty Dog won't be making it and therefore whoever makes it won't come close to being able to make a UC game thats as good as what Naughty Dog could make. Just slapping Uncharted on the cover does NOT a great game make. You need the vision the passion the love and the desire of Naughty Dog to make a great Uncharted game. Anyone else would just be wasting their time.

smashman981281d ago

Sony never said this is their last uncharted.

Picnic1281d ago

Without Naughty Dog there's no point.

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