Hottest E3 2016 rumors

Some of the hottest E3 rumors.

Spurg2573d ago

-God of War 4
Also that concept art is fake

-Alan Wake 2

-Next Read Dead game
Rockstar don't go to E3

-Resident Evil 7
Highly likely

-Dino Crisis
LOOOOl...nice one....definitely not from Capcom

whitesoxfalife19762573d ago

Rockstar did say they will be at this year's E3.

Alan Wake 2 a gamer's dream but no details just fan made rumors

I can't speak on G.O.W 4 Im not an PS owner

Dino Crisis/Res7 man those wud be cool to actually play but how about the Onimusha series.

Spurg2573d ago

"Rockstar did say they will be at this year's E3."
Completely missed that news they seem to have a big presence. They usually stay out E3 stuff.

Alan Wake 2 a gamer's dream but no details just fan made rumors
Gamers dream??? I find it highly likely they will announce it but not sure about this E3.

whitesoxfalife19762573d ago

Alan Wake 2 will not even be announced at this year's E3. Thas why I said A gamer's dream.

Took 5 yrs for A.W. to make. Quantum Break from thought process to now is what 6-8 yrs....Alan Wake 2 just not happening as of right now

Spurg2573d ago

It took them 5 yrs because they were experimenting with an open world Alan wake. They settled with the current Alan Wake because they couldn't implement the darkness elements into the open world. Quantum break was supposed to release last year but Ms decided to push the game to 2016 the Tv show aspect must have taken time to implement.

whitesoxfalife19762573d ago

oh i know about why they changed it for alan wake. I think that open world wud have been fun, tho its still awesome for the final product. the tv production did slow the process down for QB. I liked it but it cud have been a lil bit longer.

Zerii2573d ago

Alan Wake 2 i don't think so, it's to early !!! I'm curious for Resident Evil 7 and God Of War 4 !! I miss a Resident Evil game actually

sdcard4gb2573d ago

Still no Devil May Cry 5 ? The fuck ?

opinionated2573d ago

Give me Red dead 3, skate 4, a good looking resident evil 7 and I would call it a successful e3.

Ceaser98573612573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

GOW 4, GEARS gameplay, SPIDERMAN open world by Sucker punch , Horizon new gameplay and release date. Detroit gameplay, TLG gameplay, Sony bend new ip, watch dogs 2 , new ip from Ubi and i just hope they bring back Price of Persia.. VR exp for sure.. R* dont attend E3 but can change this year but still i have my doubt.. Mass Effect Andromeda, Dishonored 2 gameplay .. sony blend IP hopefully.. Splinter cell may return..

NukaCola2573d ago

I think this is about right plus a few suprises and Sony's studio is Bend not blend..

Ceaser98573612573d ago

ya sorry about that typo..

SavingPvt_Highon2573d ago

It'll be a great E3 if even half your list is true, I can't wait.

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