Taking Fandom Personal - The Need For Thick Skins

From Cinelinx:

A troubling, and growing, trend continues to present itself within the fan community, and I'm struggling to grasp the reason why. For a culture just a decade or so ago who had to endure constant ridicule from others, nerds these days seem to have ridiculously thin skin for their beloved properties. Let's talk about it.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm1280d ago

Oh dear. Yet another article playing it out like UC4 is the first time in human history a negative opinion gets backslash.

darklordzor1280d ago

The article itself actually lists numerous other examples...

OB1Biker1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Of course blame gamers and gaming communities like all the media usually do to dodge any issues about gaming journalism.
I'm sorry but it is FAIR and ACCEPTABLE to criticise someone else s opinion, within respectful limits of course, specially if that person is a professional who is expected to perform in their assessment of a game.
It's time reviewer's stop thinking they can write absolutely anything without any consequence for their inconsistency or sometimes straight incompetence, hiding behind the 'it's my opinion and I share it' attitude. Opinions are to be questioned and thanks to this site gamers can discuss and YES criticise professionals opinion.
Point is gaming journalists make a living thanks to their readers and yet go 'how dare they giving bad feedback?'
Video gamer sarcastic 'apology' is an example of how arrogant journalists have become unfortunately many gamers don't realise it.

1280d ago Replies(3)
darklordzor1280d ago

The key to your comment is "respectful", where the article talks about those who aren't. Good, well-intentioned criticism is a good thing, but many are taking it way beyond that.

OB1Biker1280d ago

'many' are not the majority of gamers and gaming sites always focus on those, blame gamers and move on.
How often can we see articles blaming gamers?
How often can we see articles pondering on gaming journalism real problems?

GamingIVfun1279d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Journalist are the ones who need to develop a thick skin, especially journalist who do game reviews. You put yourself out there with your opinion (opinions that are no better or worse than the opinion of a person who plays video games) as if your opinion is fact, no opinion is fact. Your opinion is no better than the average gamers.

Gaming journalist have the same problems as the gaming community, fanboyism and agendas and the added problem of getting cheap hits for the site. Some journalist openly saying they are baiting you for a response.

Complaining about someone not liking your review is just as bad as someone saying they don't like your review.

Majin-vegeta1280d ago

I told you guys we woulc see this kind of junk for a week.

SynestheticRoar1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Sound like he should take his own advice.