Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review - The Best Adventure Game Ever Made? - PS4 Home

PS4Home: "If adventure is your thing, UC4 delivers, and if you even remotely enjoy a good single-player experience, you will absolutely be satisfied with Uncharted 4. I guarantee it."

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kenwonobi1272d ago

Awesome. It really is this good. I'm enjoying every second of gameplay. Even the nostalgia at the beginning really fleshes out the story.

iDadio1271d ago

Literally finished it last night and loved every moment. Up until half way through I was like this is great but I think U2 takes it and then the second half of the game happened that swayed me.

Between this and TLoU I honestly cant say which I liked more, both have great gameplay on top of some of the best writing in gaming and moments.

miyamoto1268d ago

Uncharted 2 was my favorite Uncharted until Uncharted 4.
The Drake Brothers story has now surpassed the Nate, Chloe, & Elena Love triangle for me.
And I am a huge fan of Uncharted 2.

Rookie_Monster1272d ago

Top 5 for sure.

I still like UNCHARTED 2 more and it is neck and neck with Rise of the Tomb Raider for me this gen.

Mr Marvel1272d ago

LOL... TR, that's funny.

Dark_Knightmare21272d ago

It's your opinion so I'll respect it but no way is rotr even close to uc 4. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying rotr sucked or anything far from it I really enjoyed my playthrough but besides maybe Lara every character was a sterotype and horribly written and the story has a whole wasn't really good. Contrast that to uc 4 where the story and especially the characters were such a big part of the experience and it was definitely better written than anything in rotr. I would probably put the combat on the same level between the two but other than that story,characters,locations,lev el design,animations,platforming, graphics voice acting, etc are noticeably better in uc 4. In regards to is it better than 2 I think yes the story is better and more personal,combat and platforming are significantly better, Nadine is seriously an awesome villain and takes lazarevics place has my favorite uc villain, the lcoations are better has well as the level design imo. Regardless both uc 2 and 4 are masterpieces and you couldn't go wrong with either one.

Majister-Ludi1271d ago

Wrong. It's simple. Uncharted has better graphics, cinematics, and story. Tomb raider wins a more enjoyable explorable world with better gameplay.

Krangs_Uncle1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Be quiet please.

Extremely boring now.

nix1272d ago

These are the times i wish we had bubble system.

Dark_Knightmare21271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@majister-ludi lol how can my opinion be wrong especially when it's the majority opinion. Besides I said rotr and uc 4 combat are on the same level but explorable world nah lol rotr world besides maybe Syria was boring and not memorable at all

Mr Marvel1272d ago

This is my favourite Uncharted game which is saying a lot, but The Last of Us is still Naughty Dog's best imo.
I even rate TLoU as the best game this decade and possibly my favourite ever.

game4funz1272d ago

The last of us is a true masterpiece... Hits all the right tones at the right times.

Shame such excellence may never be achieved again. Makes me really sad actually.

This is not my fav uncharted however.

game4funz1271d ago

Just wish it was as fast paced as the other uncharteds...especailly uncharted 2.
This one was too slow throughout most of the game.