Uncharted 4: 11 Things We Hated

Here are 11 things I hated from Uncharted 4

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naruga1282d ago

i agree about the Crates, Not enough Sully and lack of Supernatural enemies ....they should have included paranormal enemies it was smthing that gave variety in Uncharted games

Aloy-Boyfriend1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Sully is too old for that shit.

nix1282d ago

the only thing i hated is that it's the end of the series. :*(

xHeavYx1282d ago

The one about the Sony phone is just silly. And I loved the other Sony "product" that was one of the best easter eggs ever.

ravinash1282d ago

Thanks for that... I'm only half way through the game.

Hk85karlsson1282d ago

So wtf are you doing here? I bought day 1 and beat it in 3 days (not full days of course).

ifinitygamer1282d ago

Yeah, that's kind of your fault. If you're not through the game, lists like these, and even the links on N4G associated with them are all pretty dangerous territory.

Null19801281d ago

You came to an article written about specific game details, and you complain that you were spoiled to specific game details? *scratches head

ORyanDeee1282d ago

yeah there wasnt enough sully, would of liked to see more of him.

Aloy-Boyfriend1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I actually didn't miss the supernatural enemies. I found it refreshing that Avery's treasure was an actual pile of gold and jewels instead of a curse treasure this time.

"Repetitive gameplay mechanics"
I find this complain very nitpicki because the same can be said about any game. Then again, it's a very subective thing. I always keep talking different approaches in combat an traversal to not be doing the same thing.

Hk85karlsson1282d ago

Yeah. This time it seemed like ND was focusing on the "human curse" or whatever you can call it. Desperation and deceit.
Easily GOTY so far. Best DLC (without even playing it) will most def go to TW3 BAW.

What did you think of the end? Was it what you wanted?

iNcRiMiNaTi1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

"Repetitive gameplay mechanics"

I somewhat agree with this, I understand the game is about exploration and puzzles so platforming was a given and not really part of the "repetitive gameplay" nitpick I feel like. The things I felt was too repetitive were the butt sliding and the magical crates you can move around that just so happened to be perfectly placed in an area where it was "too high for a boost." I did enjoy the rope though, it added another layer to the platforming compared to previous games and the fact that we could manually tie ropes to certain objects to progress was pretty awesome.

Elimin81281d ago

Drake was too fucking clumsy. i love the game/series but I felt like to make him seem everyday man he tumbles crumble and brakes everything. I get its been like that throughout the series but it felt excessive. My opinion. Heck Sully seem more agile/nimble.

Null19801282d ago

The only of these that I truly "hated" were the exploding mummies. Not looking forward to doing that part again on Crushing!

TwoForce1282d ago

Tell me about it. Explosions Mummies are the worst.

Vegamyster1282d ago

Did it on crushing and it wasn't fun lol, not as bad as CH20 though.

corroios1282d ago

The sky is blue,
its only on PS4,
its not broken from day one,
got a good story,
replay value,
lack copy/paste,
doesnt come out every single year

1282d ago
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