Formula One Championship Edition Hands-on Impressions

NASCAR may be Mr. Popular in the U.S., but there's something undeniably unique about Formula One racing. The general lack of F1 games stateside is somewhat puzzling. The sport offers dizzying speeds across a wide variety of global courses. Speed? Culture? Surely, this is something people would love to simulate at home, right? We got a chance to take Sony's Formula One Championship Edition for the PlayStation 3 out for a spin, and it looks like, after a long dry spell, American F1 fans will finally be able to quench their racing thirsts.

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MS7XWDC5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

No Online Mode
No safety Car
No PSP Mirror feature
No "Flag Waving Marshals" like PS2 version

but, the BIGGEST reason this isn't as good as it should be:

NO FORCE FEEDBACK !!! [like PS2 version]great visual crashes, but they feel lifeless [as does the actual driving] due to no FFB when using a Steering Wheel

Truly NOT a "Sim" w/o FFB on Wheels. Not as realistic to "drive" compared to the PS2 version, sadly for a "Next Gen" racing title.
SL dropped the ball BIG TIME !!

7/10 by my standards

would be 8/10 with Online
would be 10/10 with Online AND FFB on wheels !!

Bebedora5237d ago

Are these features really not ment to make it in the final build of this F1 game?

A real downer is the flag wavers to me. These are SO a part of the F1 sport and missing these are very weak, if true.

FFB gives more feel to it, admittedly so.

Where did you get this info from?

About online - From the article:

The retail version will also support online and LAN multiplayer modes.

When is it out? Looking better than you are saying. So I am still on the F1 bandwagon = )

MS7XWDC5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

It has a Deadzone w/ Logi DFPro wheel.
No Online Mode <-- might come in March "USA" release.
No safety Car .
No PSP Mirror feature <-- might come in March "USA" release
No "Flag Waving Marshals" like PS2 version

DJ5235d ago

is to ignore the fact that the controller doesn't have rumble in the first place.

It's like complaining that the 360 can't do tilt sensing or HDMI output. Either way, this game is obviously going to kick ass when it's released stateside. 22 racers online? Count me in!

*And yes, I know half of them are AI, but the AI looks damn impressive.

MS7XWDC5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

Not me.

I said they took out FFB = Force Feedback when using steering wheels [a feature of the PS2 version, BTW].
I'm not talking about the SIXAXIS.
And now if you use a wheel, there is a big center "deadzone" when steering, the car drifts left and right.

["Rumble = handheld controller feature]