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WhiteScythe1281d ago

I'm very excited for this, seeing how I loved the two games last gen. But I do hope they improve the game more than just making it 1080p 60fps. If they do sell this for $40 i will definitely be picking this up.

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xfiles20991281d ago

I have been waiting on this ever since the rumors now it has happened I'm so freaking pumped right now Day One for me.

Corpser1281d ago

Who said it's even 60fps, lots of "remastered" games on ps4/xb1 are still 30 fps

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PaleMoonDeath1281d ago

Arkham Asylum, I'll be heading there again it seems.

CaptainFaisal1281d ago

And not on PC ... They must really hate us

dazzysima1281d ago

It will be exactly the same game that's regularly £3.74 on Steam for either GOTY version and even cheaper elsewhere.

Spyroo1281d ago

Nope! Its been confirmed many new graphical overhauls made in this version not available even on PC max settings these games are also remastered onto a new engine Unreal Engine 4! :D

Beg just like you begged for MKXL PC Beggar Race :^)

sorane1281d ago


What's worse begging for games or begging for legit reviews to be taken off metacritic? Oh wait it doesn't matter because you ps4 kids do both! Keep on making petitions and begging Spyroo.......

Skate-AK1281d ago

Not true at all. The remaster is running Unreal 4 not Unreal 3. Completely different engines.

Vegamyster1281d ago


Based on early comparisons the UE3 engine looks better overall lol

Plus i doubt the new ones will have Physx on consoles.

RedDevils1281d ago

The last batman game is shit on PC. I would say shitter than AC Syndicate

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Herbalistic1281d ago

These are more for current consoles being as both were released on last gen with lower quality graphics/detail.

ravinash1281d ago

Probably because this is re-released for the new consoles, where the PC version didn't need any updating (In the graphical sense).

Blade15871281d ago

Im not sure if that was sarcasm but can't you already play it at 1080p 60fps on pic? :o

Movefasta19931281d ago

the goty editions have been on steam sale for years.

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Grap1281d ago

dude i got it for free all these games, and i can easily play it in 4k.

kingdom181281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Why would PC gamers need this? We can just scale it to the highest settings that they originally created. The only thing that would make a difference is if they are redoing textures for the games.

And it apparently does have better textures and lighting. A comparison for the curious. ( Oh well, I could still play it on my PS4.

Hoffmann1281d ago

You must really hate your money if you would buy something you already have.

Corpser1281d ago

PC version doesn't need to be remastered again, play the originals in 1080p60fps (or better)

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starchild1281d ago

@ sakattack500

I played them on my PC with an Nvidia graphics card and they ran extremely well. I don't know what you are referring to.

2600Thunder1281d ago


Are we not all passionate game lovers?

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CorndogBurglar1281d ago

Its very disappointing that this doesn't include Origins.

I personally liked that game and didn't understand the backlash it received. It was no different than Asylum and City.

Not to mention I want the whole series, not just two of the 3. (Not including Arkham Knight of course. I already have that.)

ifistbrowni1281d ago

The whole reason I didn't buy Origins for PS3/360 is because I thought there was no way in hell that it wasn't going to be re-released on ps4 (considering it launched only months before ps4/xb1 release)... I took this approach with many games: Borderlands Preseqel and Beyond:Two Souls... Both have released on PS4.

I probably wont buy these again. They're great, but a 1080p/60fps bump is so minuscule when the devs don't go back and update textures..

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

'Its very disappointing that this doesn't include Origins" I it? lol

I'm sorta not that surprised it doesn't have Origins.

CorndogBurglar1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I guess it shouldn't be surprising, but still disappointing.

When all is said done, i didn't experience any bad glitches while playing it.

The story was interesting. The gameplay was exactly the same as Asylum and City. The graphics were nice. I just don't get the hate for that game.

Is it simply because it was made by a different company? If so, thats a crappy reason to hate on a pretty good game.

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

Maybe over time, folks will see Origins like FFVIII or Resident Evil 3.

Hated because its not like the better ones prior to, loved years later when we find out things could be worse lol.

I feel in hindsight when we have no more great Batman games, maybe folks will lighten up. Its how I feel about RE3 and FFVIII now. I mean...after FFXIII, FFVIII just isn't as bad as I might have thought as a child, same with RE3, after RE5 and RE6 not even BEING RE games, maybe I was a bit rough on RE3 in hindsight.

Things could be worse I guess.

Magic_Spatula1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I'm assuming this bundle only includes the Rocksteady developed games, hence why no Origins. Either that, or WB didn't feel like dishing out the cash to Virtuos to remaster Origins.

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