Batman: Return to Arkham is the most disappointing Xbox One X upgrade we've seen

The Batman Arkham franchise is perhaps the least best served on the enhanced consoles - no Arkham Knight upgrade, and a poor PS4 Pro implementation for the Return to Arkham remasters. Now those remasters have hit Xbox One X - and we're still no closer to a 4K Arkham experience.

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xX1NORM1Xx1050d ago

Such a shame pro and x could have made these games shine but Warner bros prefers to cheap out on ports as we saw with Arkham knight.

x_xavier_x1050d ago

I didn't see much of a difference after applying this patch. It's odd, considering that the patch for each games was over 10GB. It' still a great package though and it can be found for as little as $10.

Gh05t1050d ago

Pretty consistent with who these studios work with. They seem to be unable to protect or remaster anything worth while.

Tazzy1050d ago

I have this the game doesn't look as good as Red Dead Redemption enhanced the game isn't as crisp looking and Batman could have looked great developers need to put in the time to show what the console can do.

zaherdab1050d ago

yea i hope they apply an ehnahced patch to the original would be way better than the remaster

Tazzy1050d ago

Agreed and an enhanced patch for Arkham Origins would be great to.

DeadManMMX1050d ago

Yeah the whole remastering of these games for new gen consoles came off poor. Basically a cash grab. I remember looking at the comparison screen shots and barely seeing any difference.

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