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Jordan From UntoldGaming writes:

"A long history of adoration and fan dedication overlays the Doom series. Doom was one of the first IPs to hit the FPS market, it sold fantastically well and served to redefine what it is to be a video game. Its usage of corridor-based maps, fetch objectives, grotesque imagery and jump scares made it one of the most successful video games of the 90’s, so when it was announced that Doom would be making a return in a full-HD reimagining on current gen consoles, the Doom community lost their collective minds."


Score has changed to 7.5.

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c00lvilKid691273d ago

After feeling really disappointed with the beta, I’m avoiding Doom at all costs. The gameplay video makes the single player campaign look good though, so maybe I’ll pick this up at a later date.

ScarsOfViolence1273d ago

The multiplayer is forgettable and the singleplayer lacks what makes a singleplayer good, story.
It really is better for those who play FPS games as standard and I couldn't honestly say it is going to change my opinion of FPS games going forward.

LightofDarkness1273d ago

"the singleplayer lacks what makes a singleplayer good, story."

Sweet, thanks for the heads up. Glad I can ignore your opinions from now on.

Reibooi1273d ago

I will agree the multiplayer is quite weak but then again DOOM has never been about multiplayer for me. That was what Quake was.

The idea however that the game needs a story of some significance is insane to me. Nearly every damn game tries to shove some stupid trite story into games that don't really need it and when one comes along and wants to be all about the GAMEPLAY people attack it for lack of story. Like DOOM needs a big in depth drama about the events going on. DOOM 3 tried to do this a little bit and pretty much everyone complained about it having any real story at all and even that game didn't have much.

This game sets up why and how this is all happening and a little more if you want to read the codex and whatnot but that is it and quite frankly that is all it really needs. It's DOOM you kill crap and have fun doing it. Don't get me wrong I love a very strong story in games but so many games are trying to do that and so few are trying to do a pure game play experience at the AAA level that is not multiplayer only. If you want a great narrative go play one of the many amazing games out there that do that and do it very well. But you should not be looking for that in a DOOM game in the first place.

TWB1273d ago

Plot to DOOM is like storyline to porn...

DivoJones1273d ago

I own it on PC and Xbox, though I've only played through a couple missions on both. I definitely like the feel of the single player, so it's worth getting when there's a deal or on gamefly if you have a console. Haven't tried multiplayer yet, but I'll take a look at that this weekend.

lipton1011273d ago

The single player is great. I had the same thoughts after playing a round in the beta. Thoroughly enjoying it though!

TwoForce1273d ago

First off, DOOM is about killing Demon. Second, the game is excellent reboot. Finally, it's something that fan want it for so long.

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Flatty931273d ago

Was interested in this for a while but seen a couple of videos and reviews now and not convinced. Will get it in a sale probably at some point in future...

ScarsOfViolence1273d ago

Singleplayer's fun. that is all I can say really.

DefenderOfDoom21273d ago

You are missing out on the best FPS game this gen.

1273d ago
UnHoly_One1273d ago


His review reads like he really liked it, but then he gives it a 5?

I'm not sure I understand this site's scoring system.

ScarsOfViolence1273d ago

Each point is marred by a negative, it isn't a great game but it isn't a fantastic game.
5/10 is a 50% score, it means 'average', that's what this game is, average.

sullynathan1273d ago

A 5 is average. What don't you people get? People can like something that is average after all

DefenderOfDoom21273d ago

The review score is 7.5 not a 5 .

UnHoly_One1273d ago

I see it has been changed.

Let me just say, I had no problem with it being rated a 5, they can score it however they want, it just didn't seem to fit with the text of the review.

Hedstrom1273d ago

I think its a good Game. Its 100% fun gameplay, and awesome graphics. But then again i liked the multiplayer. I would give it 85/100 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.