E3 2016: What We Know So Far

Jo from Untold Gaming rounds up the news so far about this year's E3 conference. She also speculates on what publishers might reveal, and what we are all secretly hoping for.

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MrsNesbitt1469d ago

Crash Bandicoot!! Also looking forward to Bethesda's conference!

Maple221469d ago

I'm going to be super bummed if there is nothing on a new Elder Scrolls game!!

1468d ago
c00lvilKid691469d ago

Loved the first Dishonored but I’m a sucker for Elder Scrolls, so I’m hoping for more info on that.

alexgibson1469d ago

I'd definitely add Dead Don't ride or whatever Sony Bends new IP ends up being called to the list. Big anticipation there..

ScarsOfViolence1469d ago

I think the idea of Nintendo streaming a day of Zelda appeals to me more than any E3 content mentioned.
I cannot understand why the launch for the new LOZ can't wait until the NX comes though, I feel like they are selling their car to buy gas at the moment, probably just recovering from SFZ I guess.

The_Sage1468d ago

I'm one of those people that doesn't want The Last of Us 2. I don't think there is anything more to be said when it comes to Joel and Ellie. A completely different story set in that universe could work, I guess.

Maple221467d ago

I agree with that. I really enjoyed TLOU and felt that story had come to end. Yes, there were questions unanswered but it was done. If they bring in different characters I think that could work. Or fast forward another 20 years to see a more grown up Ellie could also work. We will have to wait to see what happens.