DOOM PS4 Review - Morbid Play

For what seems like aeons many fans both old and new have been filled with excitement and nervousness in equal measure when new footage was shown at E3 2015. It was perfectly understandable that the gameplay footage was given a cautious reception much like Wolfenstein’s reboot. On the one hand Wolfenstein was indeed a great iteration met with a positive reception and E3 gameplay footage for this new DOOM looked freaking sweet. On the other hand Rage still leaves a bitter taste in some of our mouths (or is that just Whistler?), a lengthy development period and multiplayer beta that left a lot of us on the fence, it still leaves us with the all so important question: Can id Software gloriously bring DOOM back from the ashes of an era long since past, or will the weight of expectations and standards set by its predecessor prove too heavy to bear?

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