GripShift and Jumping Flash added to US PS3 Store

Originally a PSP game from 2006, GripShift on the PS3 is an enhanced port of the same title and blends puzzle gaming with traditional racing. The PSP game looked pretty nice for a handheld game and it looks even better on the PS3. The game now sports 720p visuals running at 60fps, improved car handling and four-player online support.

Also added to the PlayStation 3 Store is PSone classic Jumping Flash which sees Robbit, a rabbit-like robot, jumping around in a 3D world collecting Jetpods which have been spread out across the game's levels.

GripShift is available for $9.99 and Jumping Flash will cost you $5.99.

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Antan5238d ago

Jumping Flash had amazing music!!!!

MikeMichaels5237d ago

Ahhhh, jumping flash.

The original 3D platformer, or was it a FPS platformer??

Buying this tonight.