GripShift suddenly popular in eBay over exploit

QJ.net: "If you want some cash, go on eBay and sell your copy of GripShift. The PSP scene's getting stir-crazy over the exploit found in GripShift. eBay listings for the game are getting craaaazy bids. There's one listing that already received a bid for US$ 99.99.

The whole craziness started when MaTiAz found a buffer overflow vulnerability in the game only a few days ago. It wasn't long before he and FreePlay released a Hello World version of the exploit. The whole thing reminds me of how Wiibrew first started. I expect we'll be seeing great things happening soon."

Hal Emmerich5668d ago

I will never sell my copy, no matter the amount.

(slight exaggeration...)

C_SoL5668d ago

.....bad & yes the music sucks and I love hip-hop.

Cajun Chicken5668d ago

This game would've been far better without the 'urban' music.

LeShin5668d ago

I really liked the music. Of course it's just a matter of opinion as I can only "tolerate" one song in the entire Burnout Paradise soundtrack. Thank goodness they allowed custom soundtrack and released the classic Burnout tunes!

kdawg55668d ago

what does this exploit do?

gaffyh5668d ago

Allows you to run homebrew code on the latest PSP firmware, on PSP-3000. At the moment the only code ran is hello world, but eventually it will become a way to install custom firmware.

I guessed gripshift would get a major sales boost from this.

Cookigaki5668d ago

Well, QJ certainly didn't do a very good job explaining what this is all about. It reads like a bunch of gibberish.

Proxy5668d ago

Now devs know how to get their games to sale extra. Just leave an "accidental" security hole in the program.

kdawg55668d ago

ahh i see

I already put CFW on my PSP myself (PSP Slim) so I wont be needing this game.

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El_Colombiano5668d ago

To sell on PSP all you need is either.

1. A BADAS* game like GOW.

2. An exploit to run code.

moja5668d ago

This is FUD to jack up prices on eBay. If/when CFW on the 3000 is released, you won't need this disc as a downgrader will be released. If someone is serious about 'homebrew' anyway they wouldn't have a 3000.

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jBat175574d ago

but there's just too many great psn titles.. in fact, psn has a better library compared to the competition.. just not enough psOne titles but with FFVII out, the tides are turning

jfx3165574d ago

Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer is insanely hard. I bought it first day (with Luminies Supernova) and I still haven't gotten off the second level. The list seems pretty good. So many good games on PSN. Shame people are still going into the 'PS3 has no games' chorus.

NDoerrFans5574d ago

I don't know how recently you played Soldner-X, but they've patched it with a "Beginner" mode to make it nice and easy to run through. It's still a fair challenge, but I never lost a continue. This way you can enjoy the music and get a feel for those brutal later levels!

eZJrg6ur5574d ago

Yeah the new patch is really nice. It's still a pretty darn hard game, but saves you money on broken controllers.

Bnet3435574d ago

I don't buy PSN games that don't have a demo unless I know what I am buying. For example I bought Lumines SuperNOVA and that didn't release a demo, but I knew what I was getting into.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35574d ago

What about EVERYDAY SHOOTER? Still waiting for the trophies on that one...

I also thought wipeout HD was almost as good as a retail game.

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spectyre5574d ago

A recent PSN game that is getting no love is Rag Doll Kung Fu. The single player is a little meh... but playing with friends is a total blast.

Freak of Nature5574d ago

YUP,I like it's style...

Another game that deserves more credit and I feel is a great addition to the entire line-up is......"LEMMINGS"!

callahan095574d ago

Decent list. I didn't care for the Elefunk demo much, and I bought Soldner-X and didn't think it lived up to some of the classic Treasure shmups, or the classic Gradius or R-Type games, etc., but it was decent enough. I whole-heartedly agree with The Last Guy, though. That game is brilliant fun and totally underappreciated. And I never played Gripshift, the but the accompanying dizzying screenshot provided with this article alone makes me interested in trying it out!

eZJrg6ur5574d ago

Yeah, the demo for Elefunk was worthless because you need to learn so much to properly enjoy it. It's a HUGE knock against the game, but its great fun if you can overcome the difficulty curve.

GripShift is quite worth playing IMO, as long as you know what you're going in for. It's not a racing game really and driving controls are loose, but if you look at it as an action puzzle game its great fun!

PirateThom5574d ago

Elefunk isn't bad in multiplayer with the "removing struts" mode, whatever it's called and my kid brother gets a kick out of it.

I got Soldner-X free and it's a lot of fun in multiplayer as well.

The Last Guy, I also got free from Sony for completeing a survey, but I didn't like the demo, so haven't really played it.

DragonWarrior_45574d ago

SSDHD pwns geometry wars. I dont know why people haven't been raving about that game? Elefunk is awesome, pixel junk monsters is the bomb, Quest for Booty, Siren, and Burnout are all AAA titles too.

eZJrg6ur5574d ago

Yeah, I love all those games you mentioned. I figured they were already well respected and popular though so I focused on some of the lesser known titles. I loooove Burnout PSN though -- so great.