IGN acquires, revives GameTrailers, to post game trailers

IGN today announced that it has acquired GameTrailers, the venerable video-centric site that launched in 2002 and was shut down in February by its parent company, Defy Media.

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DanielEndurance1957d ago

I now have respect for IGN... Took them long enough to get it.

Walter_Official1957d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Its a good thing they did, but its only because GT has a large fan-base. Which IGN wants.

Edit: @One-Shot Yeah but they will always look for more ways to expand and get more people watching them over Gamespot.

One-Shot1957d ago

Pretty sure they have that already.

SolidStoner1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I was watching sometimes Game trailers... for me gamespot and IGN are to immature and reviewers dont know how to play games there (like they really are noobs, watch any sim racing review.. like done with a controller without a wheel).

Best for gamers to watch uncommercialized private youtube videos like Angry Joe show, inside sim racing etc... they are 4 times longer, played by gamers for gamers!

IGN is like commercial full with childish opinions... thanks for saving GT trailers anyway!

Mr Pumblechook1957d ago

I will give it a go, as long as they don't bring over that complete door knob, Max Scoville from PlayStation Beyond, to completely ruin it with his fake persona and BS knowledge of gaming.

nX1956d ago

I think IGN just wanted their video player.
There's no way anyone ever liked the abomination IGN is using.

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fei-hung1957d ago

Without Bosman and crew this means very little if anything at all.

P_Bomb1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Interesting, but GT's competition buying the name and video library isnt quite the revival I think most fans were hoping for. It's like when WWF bought WCW. Wound up being WCW in-name-only. They buried it, creatively.

Most of those GT guys reformed as EasyAllies I believe. Need them back to make it truly mean something. Not much faith in an IGN "raw/smackdown" brand extension. In the end it's still IGN.

NukaCola1957d ago

You have respect for IGN, an unethical corrupt company of scumbags making a business deal on the downfall of another to get more users to make profit for themselves???

One-Shot1957d ago

Um how is any of that what you mentioned?

Stereotypical_gamer1956d ago

Why would you give them respect just for buying something that someone else created? IGN will ruin gt just like they did there own site. It's just a name now.

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oasdada1957d ago

Ign influenced reviews? No thanks

demonddel1957d ago

It gave uncharted a 9 does that count for anything or a 10 from them would change ur mind about them

ginsunuva1956d ago

IGN has been shitty way before UC4.

One-Shot1957d ago

What? GT isn't even doing reviews anymore.

Relientk771956d ago

This is cool. I've always liked GameTrailers

Stereotypical_gamer1956d ago

You do understand that they just bought the name right?

ApolloTheBoss1956d ago

Without Mike this news is meaningless.

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