Uncharted 4 Character Models Truly Shine In These Closeups Shared By Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is out now for the PS4. The game has received universal critical acclaim and is considered one of the best looking game on a console.

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Bathyj1279d ago

Absolutely gorgeous. Ive never played a game with such believable character models or performance capture. Its not merely about graphics but emotion too. You cant look into Elainas eyes and not feel her pain in that scene in the hotel. It makes you forget that this is just a collection of polygons and believe that they have a soul.

sammarshall1021279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I think Quantum Break looks more natural in gameplay and cutscenes on X1 and PC

This is taken from gameplay below

DragonDDark1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Look who's saying that... Surprise Surprise...

Sunny_D1279d ago

Well atleast he said "I think" instead of spamming what he always says as fact lol

TwoForce1279d ago

That's look nice in creepy way to be honest. It's like the guy want to r*** someone.

DrumBeat1279d ago

There's no doubt that QB's facial animation is good, but Uncharted tops it, imo. The way the cheeks and fat move appropriately while Nate speaks. It's a step above QB.

wenaldy1279d ago

That's a rapist expression.

nix1279d ago

I was watching a video where actors who played Nathan and Sam interview each other... I felt like i was watching a scene from the game.

The expression of characters in UC4 is unprecedented.

DigitalRaptor1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Give the delusion a rest. We've been through this.

Jack Joyce's gameplay model is not as detailed, and looks like a plastic mannequin. The eyes look creepy, and lifeless. Where is his visible sweat, dirt and moisture on his skin, as well as the way his hair reacts to the elements? Are his arms detailed enough to see the veins through the skin? Is his skin made to react to subsurface scattering? Do his clothes and body hair react to weather and other gameplay effects? Where are the broad range of highly detailed costumes he wears? Does he wear a watch that is detailed enough to actually tell the time? Where are the animations for him to reload a weapon convincingly? And can you show me where his face displays more than just rudimentary emotion?

Now shall we discuss the CUTSCENES models? They're in a league of their own with the post processing effects applied, and Quantum Break doesn't even approach those visuals and level of emotion expressed via more skilfully and subtly hand-keyed animations. Uncharted 4's secondary models look better than QB's primary model. If you think QB looks natural, then by all means.

Sunny_D1278d ago

@digital raptor,

I agree with you but the thing about Uncharted is that there is no secondary character model. The character you see in cut-scenes is the character you play as in game play. That's why the cut scenes transition so smoothly into gameplay and vice versa. It's all realtime. It's just the camera that is changed.

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Delicious1279d ago

The graphics on PS4 Exclusives like Uncharted 4 & Until Dawn continue to amaze. Even the platformers like Ratchet & Clank look like Pixar movies.

DrumBeat1279d ago

That's just awesome. I keep analyzing the reflection in Elena's eyes. Hmm.

Thatguy-3101279d ago

Man the more I look at Uncharted the more I can't wait to see how Ellie is going to look for the last of us 2. I will she'd a tear when the announcement comes. A thief's end is simply stunning and technical masterpiece when you break it down.

Bathyj1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Scary to think how good that could look. I was happy Naughty Dog did TLoU Remastered on PS4 because it gave them some experience on the new console. It allowed them to bring that over to Uncharted 4 and make it shine. Now imagine them taking all they learned with Uncharted and applying that to The Last of Us 2.

Greatness from small beginnings

UltraNova1279d ago

Yep its going to be amazing and I hope its going to be really dark and depressive!

That said they better optimize it for the OG ps4 first then for NEO, I don't want to be forced to buy a new system this soon. That and the fact I'm buying PS VR as well so something's gotta give and it wont be my wallet.

Inzo1279d ago

And Joel, he was already very detailed for the PS3 just think what ND is going to achieve with him now.
Can you imagine Kratos, he will be on a new level of "badassery"?!

Inzo1279d ago

What impressed me was the flawless transition from cut scenes to gameplay but the most impressive thing for me was the absolute attention to detail on the little things that no one normally would notice like the dynamics of Drakes hair and its reaction to water.

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