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Homefront: The Revolution boasts solid gameplay and impressive level design, but tonally it's a disaster.

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kraenk121280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

So the problem is they call the North Koreans Norks?! Why hasn't Polygon complained about this?! Of course it would habe been totally fine if they had called the Germans Krauts, right?!

SoulMikeY1280d ago

It's okay to do whatever they want, it's a video game, not reality. I will support anything that doesn't follow the politically correct, narrow-minded box created by pansies that can't grow up.

Notellin1280d ago

Seriously since when is this the stuff reviewers care about? I feel like 90% of them should review documentaries for the History channel.

kraenk121280d ago

Agreed...just think about it...totally un-PC movies like The Naked Gun wouldn't even be possible anymore these days. What a sad world full of pussies we live in.