Is Uncharted 4 Better Than Uncharted 2?

Did Naughty Dog's latest finally outshine Uncharted 2?

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Tom_Hopkins2449d ago

I think it could be. What helps Uncharted 2 is the dramatic step forward for the series and Naughty Dog. It was something special we hadn't seen.

nveenio2449d ago

It's my favorite. There is one sequence in particular that isn't scripted at all but was my absolute favorite part of the game. It was incredible. Uncharted 2 had a lot of fabulous jaw drops, and I'll never forget its place in history, but A Thief's End is the culmination of everything Naughty Dog has learned, polished to a beautiful sheen. I loved it in a way that is almost embarrassing.

naruga2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

i consider U1 the best Uncharted and secondly U4 along with U2..i dont know why, maybe because nostalgia but it has smthing that makes me like it more

hulk_bash19872449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

My personal list goes, Uncharted 4, 2, 3 and 1. But regardless, Naughty Dog has created something special with the Uncharted franchise. It's characters, stories, grahics, gameplay mechanics; you can tell that every single game was a labor of love. And I want to say thank you Naughty Dog for creating such an awe inspiring and all around beautiful experience. Definitely my favorite gaming franchise of all time hands down.

Jayszen2449d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I think UC4 and UC2 are about equal - the story of UC4 is better told and the combat and platforming has improved but UC2 had better pacing, stand out set pieces and better puzzles. Where UC4 totally outdoes Among Thieves is the visuals and it feels more open yielding multiple solutions to a given situation.

If I were asked to pick one Uncharted game, it would have to be Uncharted 4 as it has benefited from Naughty Dog's experience of the first trilogy and The Last Of Us, and the visuals are just stunning. Before UC4 was released I was all set to enjoy the last Uncharted but after having finished UC4 for the first time, I actually hope that they bring Uncharted back for a fifth iteration on PS5 and/or PSVR with the two most obvious people gamers will see at the end of UC4.

Aither2447d ago

Dude, spoiler warning for those who haven't finished the game. You just gave the ending away to everyone.

itBourne2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Its hard to say, Uncharted 2 made a huge leap for not only the series but the gaming industry, pushing graphics, story, and set pieces to a whole new level, as well as perfecting the voice acting and motion capture they started in UC1.

UC4 has also made leaps, mostly from NDs experience with the Last of Us. These are more subtle on the surface, the game looks beautiful, but a lot of it goes unnoticed on the surface. Their animations, attention to detail, and interaction with the world has really gone to an entirely different level then Uncharted 2 even dreamed of. Their story telling abilities through the characters and the world is really unmatched and in my opinion no other studio can even hold a candle to it.

Not to mention, ND knows how to end games, and a series. People in all industries need to take note lol.

DarXyde2449d ago

I think the general consensus is that Uncharted 1 is considered the worst of the series. Before 4, the order was basically 2>3>1.

None of them are bad games. They're all quite good. While I very much enjoyed 4 and can be considered at least on par with Among Thieves, if not better, Drake's Deception (Uncharted 3) was probably the most unique. I would say Golden Abyss is a lot like Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves most closely resembles A Thief's End. That sort of just leaves Uncharted 3 to be its own game. It wasn't quite like 2 and 4 but still not quite like 1 and Golden Abyss.

They all have their merits. None of them are bad games. I think Among Thieves was exceptional and A Thief's End recaptured that feeling. It wasn't until Uncharted 2 that Naughty Dog really went for the cinematic approach.

That all being said, when I really think about it, I honestly couldn't really choose between 2 and 4. 2 changed a lot and 4 brought some great closure to the series. Both incredibly strong entries. I just might give 2 the edge. It really put the series on the map.

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Fishy Fingers2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I personally preferred the Second. As much as I've been enjoying U4 I found the setting and more crucially, the pacing of U2 better, especially towards the end. But each to their own, both stand out games.

BiggerBoss2449d ago

The pacing in 2 is definitely better (best in the series) but id say everything else is better in 4

-Alpha2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

What I disliked about 2 was the puzzles and boss fights. The puzzles were way too easy and clearly there as buffers for the action. "Look in the book, and follow what we laid out". Lazaravich and Yeti boss fights were both "run in a circle and blindfire"

UC4's final boss fight was not only very fitting, but the villain was the best in the series. The puzzles also felt like it required more thought.

Pacing in UC2 is top tier, next to Last of Us. I'd say UC4 has some pacing issues as it doesn't touch LoU or UC2. But that's my only real issue with UC4, in addition maybe to not having a standout setpiece like UC2 or UC3. It also seemed to rely too often on sliding and swinging to end off any setpieces, and stealth was never anything to write home about with Uncharted games, as they are more about the action shootouts.

The burning house, airplane, and sinking ship, and the train/ collapsing building seem more memorable than UC4's setpieces.

I didn't completely buy the emotional slow moments either, but in my opinion, the treasure story in UC4, far exceeds all other Uncharted games.

The way the story of Captain Avery unfolds is so carefully done, so expertly crafted with mystery and teases, and the final reveal is so enjoyable as it combines the personal story of Drake and Sam with the brilliant sense of adventure and treasure hunting.

Uncharted 2 and 3 ripped you away from their lost worlds way too fast, and played out way too similarly. Uncharted 4 is masterful in that regard as its slow, mysterious, creepy, and so visually rewarding.

Aloy-Boyfriend2449d ago

I personally prefer U4. I think ND topped it in every department, especially in gameplay. The pace is still better in U2 because U4 takes its time to develop the story and characters. U2 is more straightfoward.

Damn I love this franchise

Movefasta19932449d ago

UC2's pacing was incredible, it makes you really appreciate the little moments when Nathan was in Tenzin's village ,that moment was one of my fav moments ever in a game.I just wish there wasmore moments like the ice cave,that was the best platforming section in the game.Damn that game was legendary,i need to pick up the collection to play uc2 again.

BlakHavoc2449d ago

I'm the opposite I absolutely loved the settings in U4. The island and Mdagascar are just beautiful!! So many pics taken

Channel-Live2449d ago

The pacing was key. Episode 3 was long as shit. Way too much traversing. At times I felt like the maps too unrealistic. I can imagine trying to get from point A to point B because or erosion or for the sake of detection, but it seemed as if things were put in places deliberately. It was hard to imagine they expected people to swing from one place to another without an access point. Didn't seem like real architecture. Secondly, there were military cases and crates w/ casters in places that never should have been there especially if the area was undiscovered. A lot of set pieces seemed deliberate instead of natural.

Vegamyster2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Same, the gameplay in UC4 is a big improvement & i personally like the story more but the pacing is much better in 2 & keeps it from dragging.

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cfc832449d ago

I'm interested to know what difficulty level and aim assist number you guys used in uc4 ?

Orejillz2449d ago

I turned aim assist completely off. Found it to be annoying even on low numbers. I've tried two difficulties of the game so far though.

FITgamer2449d ago

You want a real challenge. Crushing, no aim assist, in 8 bit render.

Livecustoms2449d ago

Doing that it would be like Dark Souls : Uncharted ... XD

BlackTar1872449d ago

i picked hard first so Auto Aim or whatever i believe was turned off. Or it was turned off when i went to options and i don't remember doing it personally.

Aloy-Boyfriend2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Started hard
Turned off Markings( this doesn't belong in Uncharted).
No aim assist (when it is at 10, it means it is turned off right?)
No so much stealth. I would take a couple ones stealthy then spot myself to take my enemies in a stylish way. That's how I play Uncharted

Now started my Crushing playthrough

cfc832449d ago

I think it's turned off at 0. 10 is full aim assist.

BlakHavoc2449d ago

No aim assist and my first play through was on normal, currently going through my second. Need to turn on vehicle assist if there is one cause I couldn't drive the jeep for shit on the Madagascar level when you're chasing Sam.

cfc832449d ago

Same here. I thought driving would have been piss easy. I was all over the place. I can't do another playthrough straight away. I'll go back and do 2&3...then go back to 4. I suck at aiming, but i'll stick to no assist.

BlakHavoc2449d ago

Bruce made it look super easy during that E3 gameplay. I was not able to navigate through the city without crashing into everything and anything

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76erz242449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

As a huge fan of the series I think Uncharted 4 is the better game objectively. It does so much well all at once. Uncharted 4 has the superior storytelling, vistas, characterizations, combat sequences, and platforming sections. Among Thieves has slightly better pacing, more exciting set pieces, and more awe inspiring puzzles. Uncharted 2 has a special place in my heart, it'll always be my favorite in the series, but Uncharted 4 is objectively the best imo. It does everything right.

DrJones2449d ago

UC2 is your favorite yet you say UC4 is the best? I don't get it

silkrevolver2449d ago

It's a question of objectivity vs. subjectivity. He personally likes Uncharted 2 more, but understands that Uncharted 4 is probably the better game regardless of his preference.

For instance, Final Fantasy 6 or 7 are usually considered the BEST Final Fantasy games (when looking at best game of all time lists and stuff like that) and I agree that they are probably the best FF games overall, but I personally prefer FFX for various reasons.

BlakHavoc2449d ago

I agree with memorable set pieces, that's the only thing this game was missing imo. However I think it surpasses all others in environmental storytelling, puzzles, graphics, presentation, and gameplay. Just awesome, I've never been as awe inspired as I was during this game discovering what happened between Avery and his pirate captains.