Will TimeSplitters make a return? Dambuster Studios boss weighs in on series revival

ELEVEN years have passed since the last TimeSplitters release.

So we asked one of the games creators if it still has a place on consoles today.

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Relientk771279d ago

Hoping we eventually see a Timesplitters 4

Movefasta19931278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

A timesplitter dev sold me a ps2 several months ago.My friend was selling something at Cex, and i saw someone sell a ps2 and cex was offering 18pounds for it.ANd then i said fuck it and told him id give me 20pounds now.It was the ps2 ,2 memory sticks, 2 controllers,timesplitters and second sight in mint condition.I thanked him and he said i worked on those games.Weird how things happen like that.I think he really was a dev.

PaleMoonDeath1278d ago

Even just a HD collection would do me justice, .. where is TimeSplitters Rewind?

Immorals1278d ago

It's still in development, but it's a tiny team making it in their spare time, so expect a long wait :(

PaleMoonDeath1278d ago

Need some local 4 player mayhem dude, whomever has the rights to TimeSplitters needs a swift boot in the toot and hand over the rights to someone who'd use them!!

Chaos_Order1278d ago

Timesplitters 4 is by far the unannounced sequel I want most. I desperately hope they can bring the series back, and keep it as the goofy, zombie and monkey infested craziness intact. Oh, and bricks. Lots of bricks.

MoveTheGlow1278d ago

Man, I hope so. Like he's talking about here, there was some originally bad blood with the Goldeneye franchise, shooters went full-military after Black and COD4 after that, but now is the time! Doom is back and it's beloved due to its fast, twitchy mechanics and a single-player-first design philosophy. Overwatch finally brought shooters back to having interesting, off-kilter characters, and there's another quick, twitchy shooter. TimeSplitters totally has a place now, investors should be thrilled.

Heck, they should be thrilled if the company says "We'll never make another Homefront!"

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