NFL 2K Petition To Stop Madden

The NBA, unlike the NFL, allows 2K Sports to compete with Electronic Arts. The result: an overwhelming win for 2K. NBA2K vastly outsells NBA Live.

With this petition, the gamer community is speaking loudly and clearly to you, Enough of the Electronic Arts’ Madden monopoly. Grant 2K Games a license to bring back NFL2K.

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PizzaSteve2759d ago

A petition won't do anything to me. To get NFL 2K back people need to stop buying Madden.

freshslicepizza2759d ago

it's kind of hard not to when the game is actually good and nothing else comes close. this is more to do with the nfl than madden since they are the ones who signed the deal. it also happens in other sports like baseball.

BlackIceJoe2758d ago

How can anything compare to it when there is no other Football game out, other than Madden?

badboyz092759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Madden vs NFL 2K5 Breakdown Comparison Video


Segata2755d ago

Not many sports sim games can be great over a decade later. Still love 2k5

2pacalypsenow2759d ago

A Petition wont do squat, EA and the NFL have a signed contract

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Is NFL 2K5 better than EA's American football game series?

As the EA licensing grip on the NFL seems to never weaken, what alternatives are there for American football fans? Is NFL 2K5 the most valid one? We blew the dust off our PS2 and gave this old school goody a spin to answer this question.

ApocalypseShadow1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The cowards over at EA fear this legendary sports series. Just as NBA2K destroyed NBA Live over time, NFL2K was positioned to destroy Madden as well.

NFL2K5 was the last football videogame I bought and I will never buy Madden.

The competition of who's game was better from GameDay, NFL Blitz, Quarterback Club, NFL Fever, Tecmo Bowl, etc will be no more. The glory days of **CHOICE** are gone and the monopoly continues.

Deathdeliverer1929d ago

Was the last football game I bought too. It was sooooo much better than madden.

showtimefolks1929d ago

Best football game yes but let's not forget the fact the last few games in nba 2k series have been riddled with micro transactions

So not having competition hasn't helped Madden and it hasn't helped nba 2k

BlaqMagiq11928d ago

I will admit MTs coming from 2K is greedy as hell and they need to be gone, but the quality from Live have been abysmal as of late. I've seen point guards blocking centers and I was shocked that was still happening in the series in this day and age.

It's why I try to act like Live don't exist. 2K definitely not perfect but I would take my chances with 2K instead of Live.

ApocalypseShadow1928d ago

True. That's why competition is good.

Micro transactions suck. I agree. But the game embarrasses live.

FloydianAndroid1929d ago

I loved the ability to use songs burned to my Xbox for end zone celebrations and first downs. Also, the player interviews were so innovative. Also, the defensive controls and adjustments were so user friendly and intuitive. It’s definitely my favorite football game ever.

bluebenjamin1928d ago

I remember having certain songs play for different situations.People ise to wonder how I put misic on the game2k5 covered everything

timotim1928d ago

NFL2K5 was the best sports of all-times!

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