NFL 2K Petition To Stop Madden

The NBA, unlike the NFL, allows 2K Sports to compete with Electronic Arts. The result: an overwhelming win for 2K. NBA2K vastly outsells NBA Live.

With this petition, the gamer community is speaking loudly and clearly to you, Enough of the Electronic Arts’ Madden monopoly. Grant 2K Games a license to bring back NFL2K.

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nowitzki20041859d ago

Thx, I am getting that mod.

PizzaSteve1859d ago

A petition won't do anything to me. To get NFL 2K back people need to stop buying Madden.

freshslicepizza1859d ago

it's kind of hard not to when the game is actually good and nothing else comes close. this is more to do with the nfl than madden since they are the ones who signed the deal. it also happens in other sports like baseball.

BlackIceJoe1859d ago

How can anything compare to it when there is no other Football game out, other than Madden?

badboyz091859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Madden vs NFL 2K5 Breakdown Comparison Video

Segata1856d ago

Not many sports sim games can be great over a decade later. Still love 2k5

2pacalypsenow1859d ago

A Petition wont do squat, EA and the NFL have a signed contract

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