How Madden Became King of the Gaming Gridiron

The story of how Madden NFL became a sports video game revolution and took over the gaming gridiron...

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ApocalypseShadow1636d ago

Madden is king only by the purchase of licenses. Nothing more. The fear EA had against Visual Concepts and their lower price was high.

As we have seen with NBA 2K, within a few years, Madden would have had it's leadership usurped by NFL 2K because EA were being lazy. The fact that they are willing to keep renewing the football license than to allow another competitor shows their cowardly behavior.

Their monopoly didn't make videogame football great. It made me stop buying them or actually Madden in protest.

jmetalhead778121636d ago

I completely agree. How is this monopoly even possible? I demand Trump sign an executive order to end this madness now!! Seriously though, I haven't purchased a Madden game in years because of literally the same game every year with very minor adjustments. Plus, they overstate these "improvements" to sucker people in every year... I used to only play sports games, so I guess the plus side is I was forced to try other types of games and now rarely play sports games.

1636d ago
badboyz091636d ago

Madden is the Same game every year no player likeness or new innovations. Just Watch this video of Madden 17 and how Broken it is Every year!

1636d ago
HexxedAvenger1636d ago

Still waiting on NFL 2k xD

badboyz091636d ago

Its 2017 and has been nearly 13 years,We need to Help 2K Take back Control Of the NFL License from EA.


solidmic1635d ago

As everyone else stated. EA bought the license for a very long time. End of article!