Battle Worlds: Kronos Review - Hey Poor Player

Hey Poor Player's Jonathan Trussler says: "War seems like a game to some politicians, who use it to gain power and galvanize the populace into patriotic obedience. The imperial homeworld of Kronos, however, takes this callous mentality to a whole new level, as the entire planet is designated as a giant battlefield where the great families fight to determine who the next emperor is. This ceremonial war has strict rules to assure the life-or-death conflict is sportmanslike, such as a ban on chemical weapons. It also might explain – unlike most strategy games – why the battles seem somehow balanced as if to give each side a chance of victory."

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dead_pixels976d ago

Sounds like my kind of game!

EvilAsh975d ago

The interface looks pretty nice. Looks like it could be easy to get into.