PS2: The Console that Will Not Die

Newsarama takes a look at the PlayStation 2's overall life, the new model, and tries to discover its secret to success, answering the question "why is the PS2 still alive and kicking?".

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ape0073704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

hope ps3 to be the next ps2

cause ps 2 is like a sea of awesome games

the only way to have the best games this gen is to buy all the 3 systems

in this gen,fanboys lose a lot of games

cause no console today has lots of games like ps2

true gamers chase games not consoles

TheColbertinator3704d ago

I have enjoyed having all three consoles this generation and I expect this year to be the best year yet

ape0073704d ago

have bubbles

and for me the n64 was a legendary game console,like the ps2(it didn't sell well though)

you just can't beat

mario64,goldeneye,banjo,zelda :oot and mm,turok1 and 2,blast corps,doom64,mario kart64,perfect dark(best fps game ever imo along with ge),dk64,jet force gimini,shadow man,conker:bad fur day,body harvest,space station and many,many more

Panthers3703d ago

Ape, you just reminded me how far Nintendo has fallen when it comes to gamers. They were awesome back then.

Spydiggity3703d ago

It does keep selling, but this system DIES all the time! way more than 360...yet you don't hear any ps3 fanboys mention that about sony. every person i know, including myself, has gone through at least 2 ps2s.

Xavier_X3703d ago

"cause ps 2 is like a sea of awesome games "

Until just this month the PS2 section at the local Frys was larger than the PS3+Wii+360 sections combined. And it usually had the most traffic of all the sections with huge numbers of big name titles going for only 19.99.

ape0073703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I hear you my friend



and sinff.....

nintendo betrayed the hardcore gamers

I hate THE WII

season0073703d ago

I guess they don't complain because they didn't go throw 2 PS2 in less than a year...or like 10+ PS2 during the 6-8years they've owned the console...

On the other side, i can't agree on owning all 3 consoles for all the great games...

Nintendo has always been publishing Mario and Zelda, and yes they are great games, but for this gen....Mario and Zelda every 2-3 years just doesn't justify me in owning Wii... (It's not about the 250bucks, it's about having a console staying in my home and i never turn it on can be rather annoying..)

On the other side, i do agree that owning PS3 and XBox360 at the same time is probably the best thing a gamer could have.

Spydiggity3703d ago

day 1 problems. and most ppl i know have had ONE 360. try again. if you're too dumb and stick your powerful system in a tight space under your tv and on top of your surround sound, you shouldn't have a console.

season0073703d ago

perhaps all your friends and you are luck then =)

or maybe you are lying...

and o no...the only thing you can do now is edit edit edit edit like there is no tomorrow :(

CommonSense3703d ago

i have a first day system too. still works fine. and i leave it on all the time. i just make sure i keep it well ventilated. and my PS2 never broke but after about a year i couldn't watch DVDs because the audio and video lost sync. then again, i hardly ever played my PS2 cuz the graphics were pretty lousy. it was basically just a GTA console.

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Stryfeno23704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

PS3: The Console that Died on Arrival

ape0073704d ago

Patchstation 3: the kid that won't stop crying

SmokingMonkey3704d ago

the PS3 is not only matching the PS2 sales numbers but it is beating them.....and the 360 along with it. Only difference is the price and the fact that PS3 has more 1st party titles than the PS2.
Oh and patches are a good thing...try patching your 360 RRoD problem........oh wait you can't patch hardware failure.

kazuma3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

lol bubbles to u ape007, good one.

hey kid, how u liking the fact that the ps2 still manages to sell the same as ur favorite console, the 360, since it launched way back in 2005? and that it actually outsells the 360 after these 3 years?

juuken3704d ago

360 is the now, the PS3 is the future.

And this is about the PS2.

silverchode3703d ago

isnt a dead on arrival xbox360 more plausible than a dead on arrival ps3?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3703d ago

xBox 360: The Console that Will Die ;-D

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sajj3163704d ago

Arguable but I think its the best console ever made!

kazuma3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

tie between snes and ps2

edit: yeah ps1 launched a few awesome franchises too, but to me the snes has a special spot in gaming.

super mario world 1/2
megaman x 1/2/3
super mario all-stars
chrono trigger
ff 4,5,6
zelda link to the past
super mario rpg
super metroid
donkey kong country 1/2/3
killer instinct
evo search for eden
super mario kart

some quick ones that i remember. god that sucker had so many good games it's crazy!

sajj3163704d ago

Don't disagree with snes as well but I do think PSX/PSOne would give it a run for its money :)

ExcelKnight3703d ago

I actually prefer the PS1 to the PS2 (but find it equal to SNES).

Why? Because PS1 is where a lot of series I liked became awesome, whereas their PS2 continuations failed to interest me on a comparable level. Star Ocean, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Tales, Metal Gear Solid, Wild ARMs and Breath of Fire...

PS2 launched a lot of fun series, but the PS1 got far more playtime from me (still does.. My PS1 is still hooked up to my TV)

SmokingMonkey3704d ago

at some point you He should stop, but you can't tell Zeus to stop throwing lighting bolts, just like you couldn't tell Ali to stop boxing, you can't tell the PS2 to stop selling!

SyphonFilter3704d ago

ps3 will be good too,the games don't go to pc and it's reliable.

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