Viva Pinata Wii rumours resurface

Long standing rumours that Rare's Viva Pinata is on its way to the Wii have resurfaced, after a listing for the game was spotted on the UK arm of online retailer Amazon.

According to a listing on the retailer's website, Viva Pinata is due to be released on the Wii on 7 November, and is to be published by THQ – the same publisher handling the DS spin-off, Pocket Paradise.

No mention was made of whether it will be a straight port of the original or its forthcoming sequel, or a Wii specific game.

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ChickeyCantor3702d ago

It went to the DS because MS has no competition No.

TheColbertinator3702d ago

That would not make sense.But...still just a rumor for now.

plain rice3702d ago

Viva Pinata a Wii game? Makes perfect sense.

Dyingduck3702d ago

M$ phailed with a Ph again

Zerodin3702d ago

Wii would be well suited to it.
Unlike the PS3 which is only suited to play Blu WRRRRRYYYY!

Cajun Chicken3702d ago

The PS3 doesn't need a game you do nothing in.

lodossrage3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Warhawk, etc.

But I'll tell you what N4G is suited for, ignorant fanboys. Hence why you're here Zerodin.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago


Not to bash the PS3, just your comment:
Viva pinata is on the same level as Africa...

Mirror's are big these days!

lodossrage3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I don't consider myself to have a mirror considering I have ALL 3 next gen consoles :)


Sidenote- You might want to check that grammar. "Mirror's"????

Cajun Chicken3702d ago

Yes, but Afrika isn't made by a once thriving UK developer with a great reputation that is dying a slow death since being bought by Microsoft.

Besides, from what I've heard Afrika is basically Pokemon snap with more freedom and not on rails, not my type of thing, really.
Depends what the animation is like.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

No one loves a Grammar whore XD.
Seriously It's really a failure to use that as an insult.

Your point makes little sense, you already admit that they are on the same level. Wether the company making it is dying out or not is not relevant.
You said PS3 doesn't need a game like that, but still its having your "counter" argument to his was basically pointless.

Cajun Chicken3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Right, here we go. Zerodin said:

"Wii would be well suited to it.
Unlike the PS3 which is only suited to play Blu WRRRRRYYYY!"

Yes, but the PS3 doesn't NEED IT. 'IT' being Viva Pinata, judging by the amount of second-hand copies about in shops in the UK (a MASSIVE amount) the PS3 does NOT need the intellectual property of 'Viva Pinata' from Rare as a game, there is really nothing to do in it and serves as a simple simulation of a fictional, colourful world primariliy to keep kids amused and probably would be better on Wii as it aims for a completely different demographic then both the other consoles this gen.

Afrika is based on the Safari, so it has some sort of visual style for it to aim for and besides, it appears to of been made with the Japanese audience in mind.
Besides I didn't knock on the door of SCE and say;

"Do you know what, right now, we could do with a simulation of Africa's wildlife so we can have something a little bit like Viva Pinata and The Sims. That would be so *cool*"

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

You are still missing the point XD

" the PS3 does NOT need the intellectual property of 'Viva Pinata' from Rare as a game, there is really nothing to do in it and serves as a simple simulation of a fictiona"

Change some words and you can say the same about Africa.
My point is rather that a game like Africa is on the same level of Viva pinata, you agreed on this.
So if you do nothing in viva pinata you do nothing in Africa, both of them are simulators. And i seriously don't see the joy or fun in both of them.

So "It" can easily be Africa, that levels to Viva pinata.
Different audience same crap.

edit: but whatever, i was just saying XD.

Bullfrog...Syndicate[wars]... .=( i still have it on the PS1 Lol and Snes.

Cajun Chicken3702d ago

Simulations were fun once, then The Sims came along, oh, how I want Bullfrog back.
Damn 'The Sims' for making extremely pointless 'games'.

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ape0073702d ago

viva Pinata??

I don't care

plus for wii

I don't really care

BrotherNick3702d ago

We know you care, that's why you visit us so much. :)

gumgum993702d ago

so final fantasy comes to 360

and, if this rumor is true, viva for wii?

wow. what a year 2008 has become =_=

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