The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion Shows How DLC Should be Done

CD Projekt Red has spent more time and attention to detail on their expansion packs than most developers nowadays spend on their main game

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opinionated2956d ago

Yes. They have talent coming out of their ears and are consumer friendly to boot.

thekhurg2955d ago

This expansion is larger than most full priced games. Many developers should feel ashamed.

Goldby2956d ago

... Witcher 3 Wild Hunt showed off how DLC should be done. Free.
Blood and Wine shows how Expansions should be done.

Never get the two confused

2955d ago
AuraAbjure2956d ago

Woo Lvl 32 death march baby! Gunna crush blood and wine. Any advice for for a young scrub just startin out on hearts of stone? Thanks :)

2955d ago
sullynathan2956d ago

A lot of games have shown how DLC should be done. You guys are just easily impressed by CDPR.

Grap2956d ago

Only CDPR done it right.

killer_goat2956d ago

Uncharted 4 and halo 5 also do dlc right.

ReesesPuffs2956d ago

The problem is those developers who do show how dlc should be done are few and far in between so it's nice to see a studio release excellent expansions at the prices they do. Also no one is easily impressed by CDPR. They rightfully earn their praise.

sullynathan2955d ago

Yeah right. FROM software, Bioware, R*, DICE and many other AAA developers have done and still do DLC very well.
You people just fanboy over CDPR.

Goldby2955d ago

@sullynathan, i think you are confusing DLC with Expansion passed. Dark Souls and Bloodborne both have never had DLC. They have only had Expansion Passes. Rockstar is a good Example of customer appreciation in the sense that their DLC is free. Dice good with DLC, maybe if you're one of those people who l;ike paying for all the items and to level up. their Premium Seasons pass thing is a joke.

DLC is small content packs, Expansions are New Areas or Modes. Nothing can top CDPR when it comes to this stuff, Who else gave away every bit of DLC for free and actually made Expansions worth the money. 30 hours of quest in old map. 30 hours in a new map for next expansion. thats 2 additional games really added as expansions.

sullynathan2954d ago

@GoldBy arguing semantics here. Expansion packs released through downloads are DLC. EA might have shitty practices but DICEs BF3 & 4 DLC are good and I didn't pay extra for any of them. Like I already mentioned, all the companieS I mentioned have been doing them well before CDPR.

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Dudeson726d ago

Damn, I feel stupid when years ago I played all the dlc for fallout 3 except the pitt. My younger ass looked at it and thought it was boring without trying I believe... Well good reason to fire up the old dusty ps3!

PhillyDillyDee726d ago

Bethesda usually does great DLC. Makes sense they are on the list 3 times.

generic-user-name726d ago

Solid list, I'd add inFamous: Festival of Blood, although it was a standalone download, it still felt like an inFamous 2 expansion.

Blood and Wine might be the best ever though.

SullysCigar726d ago

I'd also add in Horizon The Frozen Wilds. As I started it, I wasn't sure I had the energy, but my God that was awesome. Some of the best weapons, enemies and missions in Horizon for sure.

725d ago
RaidenBlack725d ago

Blood and Wine is always the reason these "best DLC of all time" list gets made in the first place nowadays.
Don't think CDPR can come any where near with any upcoming CP2077 DLC.

Silly Mammo726d ago

I have beaten Bloodborne but though i have the DLC I never played through it. For now I want to wait and see if it gets a Bluepoint remake.

anast726d ago

It's the best DLC in the genre. You are missing out.

SarwarRon726d ago

I double that. If you've liked Bloodborne, don't miss out The Old Hunters.

725d ago
MadLad726d ago

I skipped on Demons Souls remake, but Bloodborne would be day one. I love the game, but it is very, very jaggy and really needs a 60fps edition.