Final Fantasy IX is the Best Final Fantasy

Gamemoir’s Nick D. makes a case for Final Fantasy IX being the pinnacle of the series in this ninth segment of a 14 part feature “Every Final Fantasy is the Best Final Fantasy“.

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Relientk772699d ago

Agree, and I wish they'd make another old school Final Fantasy like this

bluefire90162699d ago

I considered FFIX to be the best since my childhood. 11 years old to be exact. I laugh when people disagree. I wonder how any Final Fantasy could better than IX. Best games of all time (personally) Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy IX.

Omnislashver362699d ago

IX is very up close there with VII in my opinion, trading blows. While IX is by far more charming and whimsical, VII has it's epic politics based on anti-corporatism. They should definitely expand IX if they choose a remake though. I think more could be done with the parallel world theme.

2699d ago

Final Fantasy XVI Learned The Best Lesson From FFIX

Final Fantasy 16 is taking the series in a new direction, but it still appears to be taking some effective inspiration from past games.

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megaleo00997d ago

I liked it a lot, I will not compare it with other final fantasy, But I hadn't felt that emotion for a long time playing since the final fantasy vll remake, it lacks some things, it's not my goty, but it deserves a place in my heart, with that I say everything.


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