Hellgate VR announced at SIEK Developer Conference

The Hellgate series is returning, and this time it’s in VR. Announced at Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SIEK), Hellgate VR has been shown off on the PlayStation 4 using the PSVR headset.

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Top 5 Halloween's Scariest Games | MMOGames

Today is Halloween, for those who prefer to spend their Halloween curled up with some scary entertainment, this list was made just for you. October might be the end to the warm weather but it’s the beginning of a wonderful season. The leaves are transforming from greens to bright orange and reds, reminding us that change can be absolutely beautiful. The entire month smells like warm spices and pumpkin pie, and most importantly, it’s the month of Halloween. Dentists might be cringing at the thought of cavities caused by sugar rich sweets, but the rest of us want to get our thrills in a different way.

We searched grave yards, abandoned houses and post apocalyptic wastelands to bring you the scariest MMOs we could dig up (pun intended).

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Hellgate Global February Events Detailed

T3Fun has announced the continuation of Hellgate Global‘s 2012 kickoff with a plethora of events for February, celebrating the theme of love. Through a series of fun events, players who give to Hellgate Global will receive rewards back. With the most events to ever take place, February will be one of the most exciting months in Hellgate history.

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Christmas Around the Virtual Worlds

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes a look at the Christmas Holiday Events across the Virtual Worlds of the popular MMO's and Online Games for the Christmas 2011 Holiday.

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