New Killzone 2 Multiplayer Screenshots has updated its Killzone 2 gallery with 6 brand new screenshots from the multiplayer mode.

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Fishy Fingers3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Awesome, they're actually new :) Totally unrivalled where console visuals are concerned at least in my opinion.

TheExecutive3704d ago

They NEED to have video capturing! Seriously, stunning graphics for a MP. There is nothing that looks remotely this good on consoles

therealwillie3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago ) thats got to be one of the best screens ive ever seen....
could be better quality, but still, thats pretty cool

Fishy Fingers3704d ago

I actually asked about that the other day, I wondered whether KZ will support the new PS3 feature to allow you to upload game videos directly to YouTube. Unfortunately I didnt get a sensible reply, only a torrent of abuse from people who though I was bashing the game so I dont know but I hope you can.

It would be great to be able to share the crazy s*** you get upto with your mates. Or even better, send that guy you just pwned a video of the pwnage taking place ;)

Mc Fadge3704d ago

They allow video uploads to Vimeo. It's a MUCH better service, both in quality and loading times :<

Idonthatejustcreate3704d ago

The game looks incredible! But im worried that the sniper class will be overpowered... Stealth + knife instant kills anyone?

DavidMacDougall3704d ago

Im quessing when you move the stealth turns off and its has a limit (battery life) kinda like the spy in TF2

This game is just really tf2 and Cod4 Mixed together which is a good thing there my favs

Overr8ed3704d ago

This looks so good that it looks like CG but it isnt, i cant wait to get this game in my hands

mfwahwah3704d ago

No stealth knife kills (at least not mobile ones). Based on how much you move, the cloaking flickers. Move a little and it's shaky, but full out run and you're in the open. It also has a cooldown before you can use it again (not sure how long it lasts though).

Beta testing will help with balancing either way though.

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felidae3704d ago

damn. this game looks so hot. too good to be true.

krackchap3704d ago

we should wait till tomorrow so that kotaku can post an article that the shots were photoshopped ;)

Swiftfox3704d ago

Wonderful screens, however, I wish that they would stop doing 3rd party stills during multiplayer. I know they want to show the multiplayer aspect, but still, a screen showing what the individual player will be seeing would be equally enlightening.

crunchie1013704d ago

I agree, I really don't see the need for all these screenshots that you'll never actually see in-game

InMyOpinion3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Looks good! Cool characters.

sajj3163704d ago

looks sooo sooo sexy! 09 can't come any sooner :(

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The story is too old to be commented.