IncGamers: Space Station Sim UNPLAYED

Lee Tharjick has had another crack at writing for IncGamers, this time reviewing Space Station Sim.

This is a humorous take on reviews. At some point, all video gaming websites get a slate of games that aren't particularly helpful to the editorial team or indeed the audience.

In a bid to tackle the ever piling gunk that no one wants to review IncGamers have adopted an amusing take on reviews. Instead of spending hours playing a game that no one is never going to hear of, they've opted to review them anyway based on the box, art and instruction manuals.

With reporter Lee Tharjick, IncGamers are hoping to bring a smile to your face with these refreshing and funny features.

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Dorjan3703d ago

Always amusing but not safe for kids! :lol:

Maticus3703d ago

Certainly... different!

Leord3703d ago

Ooh, the second installation of "Lee Tharjick" =D

Yeah, not for kids! It's really refreshing to see some "bashing" of stupid games, without actually be so seriously condescending. =)

Mr_Bun3703d ago

This was funny, but not as funny as his previous review

Terrice3703d ago

Oh yea, Space Simulator! "Developed in collaboration with NASA."

What could go wrong?

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