Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Preview

ZTGameDomain explores Capcom's upcoming action title for the XBox 360.

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OutLaw4604d ago

This game is a thing of beauty. Like I said before Capcom is showing us some love with this and Dead Rising.

deepio4604d ago

This preview just tells us about the demo....that we've all played anyway?!?!

What's perplexing though, is how does this have a 2007 release date? I mean how much more do they need to add? Its already looking polished to me!

KoRnALIVE4604d ago

Capcom said they're not finished with the game, and they're using 60% percent of the power of the Xbox 360.

and by the time they're done the game will look even better.

TheMART4604d ago

I loved the demo already, it kicks *ss big time

Lucidmantra4604d ago

Agreed... Demo was alot of fun and cant wait to play the full version.

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The story is too old to be commented.