Why I Adore ‘Driver: San Francisco’, Gaming's Most Fabulous Joyride

Ubisoft's race-around-an-open-world game of 2011 was so much more fun than its stuffier series predecessors.

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quent891d ago

It Was a great(FUN) racing game and the cars handled also great, good arcade racers are few and far between these days, I also miss the Flatout franchise, great mix of physics based carnage and racing.

Skate-AK890d ago

Check out Wreckfest on PC. It is made by the deveopers of Flatout and is built as a spiritual successor.

C-H-E-F890d ago

Yeah, I enjoyed it as well. I bought it later in the gen though. I was trying to platinum it, but no-one was online anymore :(. However I've always loved Driver but this one was definitely a mixture of Driver 1 and Driv3r.

3-4-5890d ago

The first driver was amazing. Would just do random getaways and film them and watch them back on replay over and over again.